Flaws visible in ticket out of pandemic

LETTER TO THE EDITOR   James Morrow in, "Where the bloody hell are the vaccination ads?" (6 May) criticises the Morrison government for being pretty pathetic on marketing.    Well, James Morrow, I have had my first AstraZeneca jab and get the second one in July.   I am scared stiff of my husband getting the jab.   As the only vaccine available at the moment and with my husband on constant Marevan to lessen blood clotting because of a mechanical aortic heart valve, his chances of surviving are probably better without the jab.    Do not be fooled by the one in a million chance of getting blood clots.   Read the news please, James.   Five Australians suffer blood clots after AstraZeneca jab in one week with one in ICU in Townsville.   I would think that any educated person would see that the chances within Australia of getting clotting is far higher than what has been claimed in Europe.    This one ticket out of the pandemic is flawed in some respects.   Keeping the number of returning travellers down has certainly been of greater benefit to the majority of Australians than the jab of AstraZeneca and this from the Prime Minister.    It is not time to put a vax on the barbie.   Glenda Carroll Bundamba