THE move from newspapers to websites can be a little overwhelming so we're keen to help our subscribers get the very best out of their digital subscription.

  We've asked our readers what they most want to know about and there have been five common areas. These are:

  • Digital edition
  • Newsletters and alerts
  • Navigating different sections
  • The Courier Mail access and +Rewards and
  • Daily puzzles and horoscopes

So let's dive a little deeper into those areas now.




The digital edition is laid out like a traditional newspaper but is far more interactive.
The digital edition is laid out like a traditional newspaper but is far more interactive.


We know many newspaper readers love to see their news curated and laid out for them. So we've created a similar experience through our new digital edition.

The Digital Edition can be found each day via the menu at the top, near to your login profile, or under the network news container further down the home page. 

The digital edition also allows you to zoom into an article and go article by article.

You can also access regular newspaper features like the TV guide, share market information, puzzles, horoscopes and local weather.

What about if you want to find past editions? You can also access an archive of back issues via the menu at the top right..

The Digital Edition is only available from our mobile or desktop website, not our app. We plan to upgrade our app in coming months to ensure a much better experience.


Each day, we send out newsletters and breaking news alerts on key local stories.

Our morning newsletter comes out about 6.30am and the afternoon one just after 4pm.

It's a great idea to sign up to them so you don't miss a thing.

Journalists at this site are writing stories from morning till night so we will also send out news alerts on the bigger interest local stories.

We will also alert you on the big network stories like the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now we'll demonstrate how to select your newsletter preferences.

Once you're logged into the site, go to My Profile.

Then go to Newsletters. You can tick the newsletters you want to receive.

If you find you are getting too many or might be away for a while, you can back and change your preferences.



The easiest way to navigate our website and get the most out of it is through the 'hamburger' menu on the left hand side.

From here you can find local news, photos, the puzzles, and many different sections of our site.

Let's take a look at local news.

You will see each of our sections on the page have a blue heading. You can click on them to find more in that section.

There's also sections next to local news for things like letters to the editor, opinion, just in (which includes all the stories on our site as they come in, and more news (which is local).

Click on the blue local news link on the website to go to more local news.
Click on the blue local news link on the website to go to more local news.

And to go back to the home page to start again, just click on our masthead logo up the top.

Let's say you want to find the latest opinion pieces or letters to the editor, you can also go back to the big menu on the left and find Opinion.

If you're looking for funeral notices and tributes you will find them under Obituaries.

You can also see our main menu items are listed across the top.

So if you're a sports fan you can go straight to the sports page to see our latest local, national and international sports coverage. You can also find the latest classified listings, community news and local events.


One of the best features of a subscription is it gives you access to The Courier-Mail, Daily Telegraph, Herald-Sun, regional titles like the Gold Coast Bulletin as well our neighbouring sites.

  Our state sites give you the latest in business and politics, as well great pieces from our footy experts each week for the latest NRL and AFL news, game stats and expert analysis.

We also have great coverage of entertainment, food, lifestyle, parenting, technology, finance advice, and of course up to the minute coverage of the coronavirus crisis.

To activate your Courier-Mail subscription, go to My Profile and then the 'My Rewards' tab from the left hand side menu.

Here you will find an 'Activate now' button. Once you click 'Activate now', you will find yourself on the Courier-Mail sign-up page.

Enter your details (name, email, post code), create a login password and agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Click the 'Complete registration' button and you will have successfully activated your Courier-Mail digital access. We recommend you use the same email address and password as what you've used for this website to avoid confusion.

That same login will also work on other News sites.

Check out some of the great offers on the rewards page.
Check out some of the great offers on the rewards page.


Once you activate your digital access to The Courier-Mail, you can also access exclusive member benefits, offers and experiences with The Courier-Mail +Rewards program.

Why don't we check out the Rewards portal today and show you how to redeem an offer.

It simply a case of going to the homepage of The Courier-Mail and finding the link to Rewards of the menu across the top.

There you can see a range of offers. They are also updated on a regular basis so it's worth going back every month to see what is new.

Once you have found what you want click on it and click Redeem and the offer details will be emailed to you.


We know many of our readers love puzzles, so we've put them online for you to enjoy. You can challenge yourself with a new crossword puzzle and Sudoku game on our website everyday.

You can find Today's Puzzle and Horoscope via the Lifestyle section in the hamburger menu on the left.

You will also see today's puzzle next to the subscriber exclusives section on the home page each day.