Hockey Queensland Female Indoor Hockey Player of the Year Eden Jackat is presented with her award by HQ board member Paul Mantell.
Hockey Queensland Female Indoor Hockey Player of the Year Eden Jackat is presented with her award by HQ board member Paul Mantell.

Fitting recognition for rival captains who are best in Qld

RESPECT and humility are alive and well in Ipswich, particularly among two Hockey Queensland (HQ) award winners.

On a night where two powerhouse clubs staged a hard fought draw, it was fitting that rival captains and centre halves received special honours.

Hancocks A-Grade captain and men's coach Sara Rogers and Wests skipper Eden Jackat were acknowledged for their HQ achievements this year.

Rogers was named state Association Coach of the Year and Jackat was awarded HQ Female Indoor Player of the Year. They were notified on Facebook earlier in the year due to the annual awards function being cancelled.

With Hancocks and Wests staging their latest battle on Friday, HQ board member Paul Mantell was able to honour both players in Ipswich - from a distance under current COVID restrictions.

Instead of being in Queensland uniforms or dressed up for a HQ awards presentation, they were in Ipswich club colours.

"It's been a weird year,'' Jackat said, summing up the latest award situation and everything going on in hockey and indoor hockey.

Although often vying for representative honours against another leader Rogers, Jackat was thrilled see her win a deserved state accolade.

"We both play centre half so on the field . . . so we've always played against each other but there's been a few tournaments where we've played alongside each other - for Ipswich Open sides,'' Jackat said.

"I've had a lot to do with her over the years.

"I really respect her as a player and I respect all the work she does with coaching so really nice to see another Ipswich player getting that award.''

The Queensland indoor co-captain was delighted to receive her recognition.

"It's a true privilege to get it,'' Jackat said.

"I've worked really hard playing indoor and I've worked really hard at my own development.

"I'm really proud to represent Queensland and especially captain the side.''

Having made state indoor sides since under-15 level, Jackat led the open women's side for the first time at the national titles in January.

"I love the sport. I love the game. I love the people I play with,'' she said, waiting to see what future indoor tournaments are planned after the 2021 nationals were cancelled.

"It's just an honour to be given the award in the sport that I love so much.''

Hockey Queensland Association Coach of the Year Sara Rogers.
Hockey Queensland Association Coach of the Year Sara Rogers.

The ever-humble Rogers said her honour was "very surprising''.

She won her first state coaching award after a fantastic 2019 season, where she shared in gold medal successes at Brisbane club and national under-18 level, along with guiding her home A-Grade men's team to another grand final.

The Ipswich born and bred personal trainer was recognised for her efforts with the state title-winning Brisbane 1 team and being involved with the Queensland under-18 team that also won a gold medal at the national championships. She was assistant to accomplished mentor Lisa Morgan in that success.

Rogers also coached the Hancocks A-Grade men after working with the Australian under-21 men's team in the 2018/19 season.

"It's nice to be recognised for coaching but I thoroughly enjoy the teams I have been involved in and seeing improvement is the biggest reward,'' Rogers said.

Hockey Queensland Female Indoor Hockey Player of the Year Eden Jackat
Hockey Queensland Female Indoor Hockey Player of the Year Eden Jackat

Jackat and Rogers received their HQ awards at the Ipswich Hockey Complex before Hancocks and Wests played out their latest 1-1 draw.

Jackat described the latest duel as a "gritty game from both sides''.

Apart from her indoor leadership role, Jackat is captain of the Wests A-Grade side with Emma Johnson as vice-captain this season.

"It is definitely a development year,'' she said.

"Having that younger season, it's probably a good opportunity for the young girls to get that experience without the season being too much pressure.

"They are doing really well and definitely, they are very keen to learn alongside the older girls, especially with Jade (former international player Jade Close) as player/coach now.''

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Thistles beat Easts 1-0 in the other women's A-Grade match.

Hancock Brothers held out Wests 2-1 and Norths outclassed Easts 9-1 in the latest men's A-Grade matches at Raceview.


Ipswich Hockey men's and boys results August 21-23

A Grade: Hancock Brothers 2 (James McAlpine, Jackson Willie) d Wests 1 (David Arndt); Norths 9 (Zac Profke 4, Riley Profke 2, Luke Brown, Trent Goldenstein, Nick Maddocks) d Easts 1 (Adrian Cross).

Reserve Grade: Norths 6 (R Profke 2, A Buckley 2, B Powell, Z Ashton-Norton) d Easts 1 (R Schmidt); Wests 3 (C Jaenke 2, Z Pascoe) d Hancock Brothers 0.

R2 Grade: Norths 3 (L Lambert, T Ross, B Milburn) drew Wests 3 (D Goodwin 2, S Meredith); Easts Black 3 (A Gawthorne 2, L Davies) d Easts Gold 1 (D Bell); Bellbowrie 2 (B Payton, M Bell) d Hancock Brothers 0.

A2 Grade: Hancock Brothers 4 (J Burns, R Sherlock, J Grant, D Howells) drew Swifts 4 (B Meloury 2, C Meloury, J Murray); Northern Strikers 2 (A Woods 2) d Easts 1 (T Cook).

D Grade: Northern Strikers 8 (J Donald 5, F Johnston 2, C Millar) d Hancock Brothers 2 (T Heit, S Jackwitz); Wests 2 (J Brown, M Walsgott) d Easts 1 (L Morris).

E Grade: Norths 3 (K Hill 2, F Bauer) drew Hancock Brothers 3 (M Hogan 3); Easts Black 5 (N Morris 3, L Morris, L Mantell) d Easts Gold 0.


Women's and girls results August 21-23

A Grade: Hancock Brothers 1 (Robyn Clark) drew Wests 1 (Chloe Daly); Thistles 1 (Kaja Roberts) d Easts 0.

Reserve Grade: Northern Strikers 1 (S Ashton) drew Thistles 1 (M Yearbury); Swifts 4 (J Dodd 3, K Brault) d Hancock Brothers 0; Wests 4 (A Vantaggiao 2, E Picton, A Jackson) d Easts 0.

R2 Grade: Swifts 1 (A Cobbin) d Easts 0; Bellbowrie Gold 1 (C Casey) drew Bellbowrie Green 1 (Chantelle Murren); Swift 3 (C Shaw 2, T Floyd 1 d Veterans 0; Bellbowrie Gold 2 (A Kennedy, S Ashton) d Easts 1 (M Hoyland).

A2 Grade: Thistles 2 (C Gotting 2) d Vets 1 (D Dannock); Norths 4 (S Cooper 2, C Ellison, H McGregor) d Swifts 0; Bellbowrie 6 (D Greenalsh 3, T McCulloch 2, D Ashton-Norton) d Hancock Brothers 1 (D Perrett).

C Grade: Thistles 3 (M Pearson, F Spall, D Newell) d Bellbowrie 2 (N Hoppe, H Randall); Norths 5 (D Wenzel-Stephen 2, C McDowell, E Noga, S Smith) d Hancock Brothers 0.

D Grade: North Western Strikers 4 (A Wells 2, T McPeake 2) d Swifts 3 (G Dombrowski, E West, A Pascoe); Easts 1 (G Batten) d Hancock Brothers 0.

E Grade: Thistles 1 (J Wenck) drew Western Strikers 1 (P Briskey); Easts 7 (M Mole, S Savage, L Smith, J Hanson, L Hooper, E Denton, D Minnican) d Swifts 0.