The Nicholas Street Mall development had the safety barriers removed.
The Nicholas Street Mall development had the safety barriers removed.

FIRST LOOK: Nicholas St precinct starting to take shape

ASTUTE residents may have noticed something different about the Nicholas St precinct: all the fencing is down.

After a year of temporary fencing and impediment to traders, the first visible part of the $150 million CBD redevelopment has been completed and is open to the public.

The remaining fences came down overnight on Tuesday and the final touches were made today.

A council spokesman said the precinct is now open.

"It looks great and we would encourage everyone to come down and have a look at what's been achieved," he said.



"We'd like to give a special thanks to the council contractors who've done such a great job in some pretty tough weather conditions, and thank you to the tenants too for being so patient."

The project is ahead of schedule, with tangible works predicted to be completed by Easter. However with the opening residents can now see the project that took approximately 43,000 pavers.

According to the council spokesman the new trees in the street were specifically chosen for their size.



"They will be able to grow their root balls into the size of the planter boxes and will eventually reach around 5-6m high with a shade span of 5-6m," he said.

The new seating illuminates at night with special lights underneath and can be colour coded to tie in with events.

Look forward to tomorrow's edition with a full low-down of the precinct and the history of the mall's works.