Marburg racing
Marburg racing

First-class racing at Marburg’s Oktoberfest


Denis Smith

ALL roads lead to Marburg on Sunday, Octber 25.

The Marburg Pacing Association will host one of its feature meetings, showcasing the Graham Harriott Memorial Trotters Handicap and the final round of the Garrard's Young Drivers Series.

The racing will be first class, as there will be yet another Marburg to Albion Park heats and final event.

This format invariably produces good fields and excitement.

Oktoberfest is the theme, with boutique beers and kranskys, bratwurst and sauerkraut to add a German flavour.

All the usual Marburg attractions with supervised water slide and rock climbing wall for the kids, Marburg's country burgers and home made desserts coffee, ice cream and our wide range of cold beverage.

The big day of country racing also features the mini-trotter races, bookie on course, "funny money and "pick the card".

The first 100 payers through the gate get a $5 betting voucher with bookie Stephen Anthony. Admission is adults $5, members and pensioners $3.

The all important race book is $3. See you there.

Sad loss of Chip Del - a hobbyists dream

A NICE bit of history and family involvement from the 1980s to the present day.

Wayne Campbell is forever thankful of the day he first laid eyes on his pride and joy Chip Del.

Campbell was born into the industry with his family relocating to Queensland from Tamworth in the mid-1960s.

The bug to be around horses was always there for a young Wayne.

"I used to help dad as soon as I could walk,'' Campbell said.

"I was riding horses when I was three-years-old and that's where my passion for the industry started.

"I did a heap of stints around various stables in Queensland to build up my experience and then started to get a few of my own which served as a learning curve for me."

Soon came an interest in breeding, and with that a horse that would forever change his life. "My parents owned a mare called Del Garris and dad only ever bred a couple so I thought that I would have a go at it," Campbell said.

"A friend of mine, Jamie Brown, was into breeding, and he said that Bernie Wilson had a stallion coming out called Brutus Blue Chip who would probably be all right for our mare - he was a bit of a fanatic about his breeding so we trusted him on that."

The resulting foal was named Chip Del, born on August 27, 1982.

Last week - at age 38 - Chip Del passed away, but not before a journey that changed the Campbell family's life forever.

"Her nickname was Tina; my wife comes from a musical family and she loved Ike and Tina Turner so that was her nickname from day one," Campbell said.

"She was a beautiful foal, everything you did with her was absolutely no dramas, she just up and went doing her own thing.

"I had a mate called Mick Donovan and he was training at Redcliffe, so I started working her with him just to have a little see how she'd go and she really just took off." That day, Campbell thought that Chip Del was something special, something that he had never trained or driven - and he was right.

Tina was a force to be reckoned with throughout the 80s, going round on 97 occasions for 16 wins, 16 seconds and 14 thirds, for a bankroll of $101,241, big bucks in those days.

At stud, the daughter of Brutus Blue Chip and the Hanover Garrison mare, Del Garris, proved equally productive, with nine foals on the ground.

Seven of these raced, six won, the best of these being Shamrock Del ($57,929) and a further $124,318 jumped into the Campbell family coffers.

Chip Del had her last start at Rocklea on July 22, 1989 and her last win had come at the same track on March 3 the same year.

There you have it. Chip Del and her offspring did a great job for the Campbell family, and they, in their turn gave Chip Del a great retirement.

Just another horse and human love story.


A NOTE of correction to the original reporting of the Russell Kajewski tragedy.

Russell was actually killed on the morning of the Sunday on which his body was found. His wife Doris had called neighbours when their regular phone call failed to eventuate.

The coroner reports that Russell had suffered fractured ribs and a brain haemorrhage, no doubt consistent with a heavy fall from the sulky.

Russell had also obtained a visa, and expected to be in Switzerland by Christmas.

A sad, sad, story.

Election promise boost

THIS week, the ongoing question of the return of harness racing to Smiles Stadium at Townsville (formerly The Willows Paceway), flared up stronger than ever before.

Channel 7 Townsville went to air talking to North Queensland Harness Racing Club President Troy Clive, intending trainer/driver Steven Harris and quoting LNP Candidate, Natalie Marr, who has guaranteed a feasibility study into the matter should the LNP be elected.

Even bigger has been the unqualified support from major Brisbane owner Greg Mitchell, who said that horses struggling in the South East, would be "transferred to Townsville in a heart beat" and claimed that the current Government was stifling the growth of harness racing by leaving the Townsville folk "out in the cold".

One thing about a democracy, is that you get to vote for the party who propose to give you what you want.

It's a good thing to remember on polling day.

Honour board

THE all important barometer of success. Fair skies and moderate winds with Pete McMullen on top thanks to seven big ones for the week. In descending order, Narissa McMullen four wins, nosing out Matt Elkins who landed three.

In the trainer's department, Chantal Turpin blew them away leading in four winners (high figures for the preparation stakes) with Darrell Graham and Jason Carkeet dead heating on two apiece.

Most pleasing was Jason Carkeet's two for the week. There was a more respectable Ipswich factor at 30/52.

Albion Park, October 9: The FortunateSun (Narissa McMullen); Under The Kilt (Paul Diebert for Warren Hinze); Major Fernco (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin); Shesfeelinprecious (Nathan Dawson for Jason Carkeet); High On Montana (Paul Diebert for Lacey Hinze).

Albion Park, October 10: Sam Is Perfection (Pete McMullen for Jack Butler); Major Mucha (Dani McMullen for Travis Mackay); Ima Beacg Babe (Pete McMullen for Peter Greig); Amaya Becomes (Chantal Turpin); Nurburgring (Narissa McMullen for Steve Borg); Northern Muscle (Paul Diebert for Denis Smith).

Marburg, October 11: Elle Joy (Pete McMullen for Peter Greig); Burmach (Justin Elkins for Ron Sallis); So Kool Master (Matt Elkins for Mark Rees); Maffioso Girl (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).

Albion Park, October 13: Jansson (Steven Doherty for Mal Charlton); A Rainbow Dancer (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin); Rocks Or Diamonds (Pete McMullen for Brian McCall); Man Of Action (Hayden Barnes for Al Barnes); Kiwis Are Flying (Narissa McMullen); Pacific Drums (Hayden Barnes for Brendan Barnes); Royal Lincon (Shane Graham for Jason Carkeet).

Redcliffe, October 14: Lisa Lincoln (Paul Diebert for Melissa Gillies); Gojoe (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin); Black Jewel (Trent Dawson for John Cockburn); Write About Chelsea (Trent Moffat for Trent Hodges); Apache Whitesox (Matt Elkins for Vic Frost); Montana Flash (Nathan Dawson for Darrell Graham).

Redcliffe, October 15: Nifty Studleigh (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen); Artistic Saint (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).

Handy tips

Selections for Albion Park Saturday night.

R1: Box trifecta 2-1-6: James Dean (G Dixon)-Sea Hawke (T Dixon)-Tactical Response (N Dawson).

R2: Box trifecta 1-4-8: Lucky Unlucky (S Graham)-Mach Le More-Theheartofinfusion (A Sanderson).

R3: E/w 1: Coppice (N Dawson).

R4: Quinella 1-8: Smart As Camm Be (K Rasmussen) and Elms Creek (J Elkins).

R5: Quinella 1-8: Lady Fabulosis (P Diebert) and Tajie BaBy (G Dixon).

R6: Quinella 7-10: Lenny The Legend (Shane Graham) and Sabrage (C Butler).

R7: Box trifecta 7-2-3: Colt Thirty One (G Dixon)-Watch Pulp Fiction ( P McMullen)-Lilac Flash (K Rasmussen).

R8: Quinella 5-6: With The Band (P Diebert) and St Kilda Beach (G Dixon).

R9: Quinella 3-6: Sparkling Connect (A Sanderson) and Doubledelightbrigade (G Dixon).

R10: First four: 10-2-4-8: Northern Muscle (P Diebert)-Matatoki (S Graham)-Majestic Sun (P McMullen)-Castlereagh (N Dawson).