Ipswich City Council candidate James Fazl.
Ipswich City Council candidate James Fazl. Cordell Richardson

First candidate announces for Div 3, plans to fix the CBD

A TWENTY-year resident, cook and aged care specialist is the next member of the Ipswich public to announce their intentions to run for council.

James Fazl, a Booval local, is vying for the reformed division three in the March 2020 Local Government elections.

Mr Fazl's focus will be a six-point plan he believes Ipswich needs taken care of.

"My vision is to make the Ipswich CBD a thriving hub for tourism and business," he said. "I believe the people of Ipswich deserve a CBD they can be proud of.


"I am a cook by trade and I've just completed a certificate three in aged care. I work locally, I've lived and worked in Ipswich for the past 10 years, and I've also worked from here to Brisbane."

Mr Fazl's plan includes a rigorous examination of the council, including more transparency and accountability from the council and a better council budget so sustainable development is achieved and the council can begin to pay back debt.

Mr Fazl said community consultation and dealing with "Ipswich's current waste management crisis" was a priority. He said it was essential to get closer to a zero waste economy and this included having no waste incinerators. The candidate said the traditional owners of Ipswich must be respected. The general maintenance of existing facilities was also on his agenda.

"After travelling to the Ipswich CBD on a daily basis for many years, I have noticed its slow decline and how it has become one of the least attractive places in southeast Queensland to visit as a tourist and to conduct business," he said.

Teamwork as well as a strong focus on tourism and business will lead Ipswich to prosperity, Mr Fazl continued.

"Locally the issues in division three are mostly tourism and business. We look at the CBD every second day here, businesses are closing down, there are tough times ahead," he said.

"There's nothing really working to bring business and people back into Ipswich. When you get more people back into Ipswich, they can bring more prosperity, beautify the city and make it a better place to live.

"(If other councillors) want to bring across say they want a new shopping centre for instance, I can say with a better budget we can help get a shopping centre across.

"So we can work together to achieve both of our goals so we can have a win-win.

"The best way to do that is to bring the policies across to them and work with their policies to get things done."

"I'm really appealing to everybody at the moment, every Ipswich resident (and) I will also apply my vision to the rest of the Ipswich so the entire region can also prosper.

"It's about time the Ipswich City Council started putting Ipswich first."

For more information on Mr Fazl, visit his Facebook