Firie dispute could cost Labor seats in Federal Election

A GROWING dispute over an enterprise bargaining agreement for Victoria's professional and volunteer firefighters could cost Labor marginal federal seats.

The dispute led Premier Daniel Andrews to sack the board of the state's Country Fire Authority and resulted in the resignation of Emergency Services Minister Lucinda Nolan after a disagreement on the issue in Cabinet.

Angered by the State Government's actions, many of the CFA's 60,000 volunteers are threatening to vote for the Coalition on July 2 if an agreement is not reached.

Because many of them have long voted Labor and live in marginal seats, the dispute could easily influence the make-up of the next federal parliament.

It looks like strengthening the Liberals' hold on at least Dunkley, Corangamite and Latrobe, and possibly costing Labor the seats of McEwen and Jagajaga.