Fire on the river, Ipswich
Fire on the river, Ipswich

Firework displays at major holiday events could be cancelled

FIREWORK displays at major Ipswich holiday events are set to go ahead but could still be called off if dry conditions persist.

Ipswich City Council's New Year's Eve celebration at North Ipswich Reserve will proceed with its planned fireworks display.

Riverlink's four-night celebration of Christmas festivities and fireworks, which kicks off on December 19, will also go ahead at this stage.

As part of the event, held in conjunction with the council, a fireworks display over the Bremer River will be held every night at 8pm.

A council spokesman said the New Year's event fireworks are going ahead at this stage.

"At this stage it is too early to call," they said.

"If there is a fire risk it will be taken into consideration.

"If the fire ban is still in place, legally we would not be able to hold fireworks displays.

"(Queensland Fire and Emergency Servies) and relevant authorities are reviewing fireworks displays on a case-by-case basis.

"QFES will not approve any display if it puts the community in danger. In relation to New Year's Eve, the fireworks are still proceeding at this stage and in close consultation with QFES and relevant authorities."

About 6000 people are expected to attend the New Year's event.

Planned fireworks at Robelle Domain's carols in Springfield did not proceed last weekend.

A Riverlink spokeswoman said the Christmas event is going ahead as planned.

"The area commander for QFRS have approved the fireworks based on the safety parameters and risk management procedures in place," she said.