A fire destroyed a house at Gailes overnight.
A fire destroyed a house at Gailes overnight. Wayne Williams

Ipswich mum left with 'no identity' after devastating fire

A MOTHER and her five children are still in shock after a blaze tore through their family home on Saturday night.

Now, thanks to the help of Logan House Fire Support Network, the Ipswich family is starting to get their lives back together.

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The family, who had no contents insurance, will move into a new home in Darra on Monday with very few possessions.

Louie Naumovski of Logan House Fire Support Network said his organisation had some basic clothing and furniture for them, but would need donations once they moved into their new home.

"Once we have settled them in we will know what they need," he said.

"The Ipswich community is always generous. If people want to donate gift vouchers and food in the meantime we will certainly pass that on."

Mr Naumovski said the family were "doing ok" but the reality of losing everything was still sinking in.

"The mum has lost all of her cards, like her licence and Medicare card, so we are slowly helping her get her identity back," he said.

"That's the hardest part when you've lost everything, you can't prove who you are.

"The family is looking forward to next week when her kids can have somewhere to sleep, sit down and get back to normal life."