Fine issued to retiree gets a big response from readers

RETIRED Bundamba photographer Sandy Barrie had plenty of support from QT readers after a fine many considered unfair was withdrawn.

Mr Barrie wrote a letter to the editor published in the Queensland Times last week calling on council for some compassion after he was fined $580 for failing to keep his lawn mowed while recovering from coronary treatment

Council subsequently withdrew the fine.

Mr Barrie had been released from Ipswich Hospital in August for mild cardiac failure after his 25th visit for a heart condition.

He also has severe arthritis.

Laura Villis said on Facebook that the saga was "an embarrassment for mankind".

"How about instead of wasting time giving this man a fine how about assisting him to mow his lawn," she said.

"I would be happy to help mow his lawn or pay a company to do it if he would like. What happened to helping out a neighbour."

Laura Vassett had a question she wanted answered.

" Firstly, who was the neighbour who dobbed this man in to the council?

"Why couldn't they just do the neighbourbly thing and just visit this man without going to authorities?

"Then they would have realised what this man has gone through and the reason why his lawn was long.

"And then perhaps this neighbour could have put his hand up and offered to help this man and mow his lawn for him?

"What a novel idea!"

Debbie Kearney was unimpressed Ipswich City Council issued the fine to start with.

"I've seen a few footpaths that need a mow not to mention the mess on the sides of our roads.

"How about council clean up their own back yard before dishing out fines."

Neil Beauchamp said "I wish the council would clean up the council owned land and footpaths near my home".

"They only mow one of the blocks and keep saying the other is natural bush land when it is marked as an allotment on council maps and is full of both introduced and noxious species of trees like Chinese elm and vines.

"Not good enough Ipswich Council."

Crystal Grenfell felt for Mr Barrie.

"Poor man...what happened to community spirit helping one another out especially the elderly that are unwell... neighbours should be looking out for each other.

"I would happily help this poor man out and mow his lawn for him....people need to have more compassion and understanding."

Gem Ryan was less sympathetic.

"My mother has a debilitating illness and receives a pension," she said.

"Yet she still manages to afford to pay 40 dollars a fortnight to mow the lawn.

"People saying it can't be done don't know how to budget their money."