Jan Clewett's photograph of a jet skier riding fast along a busy section of the Pumicestone Passage.
Jan Clewett's photograph of a jet skier riding fast along a busy section of the Pumicestone Passage. Jan Clewett

Find the jetskier, fine him and ban him for life

A MUM has called for a jetski rider to be found, fined and banned for life after travelling at breakneck speeds along the Pumicestone Passage.

Jan Clewett was visiting the area during Saturday's heatwave and her older children had been out and about with windsurfers.

But the fun and the enjoyment changed after the lifeguard left at 4pm and a group of jetski riders came on the scene.

"There were eight jetskis in all that I watched and took photos of going like a bat out of hell along the passage between Bulcock Beach and Bribie Island in the channel where the windsurfers were sailing," Ms Clewett said.

She said the jetskis were from the Caloundra jetski hire.

"Five of them were in a group that came from the (Caloundra) Jetski hire on Bulcock Beach, the other three were separate to this group.

She had no doubt they were exceeding the speed limit through the area.

"They certainly weren't driving at walking pace of six knots," she said.

Caloundra jetski owner, Ken Jeffreys told the Daily on January 9, speed for all water craft users needed to be enforced to six knots in busy areas of the Pumicestone Passage amidst reports a jetski and windsurfer had collided.

Mr Jeffreys said the rider had been third in line, going six knots an hour, "walking pace", in a group when the accident happened.

He has not returned the Daily's calls for comments on the latest complaint.

Ms Clewett said she had "many photos" of the drivers of the jetskis and, from the wash created, you could "clearly see they have little respect for other crafts on the water".

But one in particular stood out and she photographed him going past a windsurfer.

She said the person photographed speeding past the windsurfer should be "sought out, fined and banned from operating a jetski".

"It literally becomes a lethal weapon when in the hands of idiots."

She was "so annoyed at the disregard for the safety of so many that these jetskiers held".

"Golden Beach and Bulcock beach have always been great places for families and non-motorised vehicles, for years.

"There are places further up the passage that have always been designated for skiing and tubing.

"Unlike all the other motorised tinnies and boats in this area and slowed down so slowly with respect for everyone's safety, these jetskiers only cared about themselves and sped up for the thrill of it."

Ms Clewett contacted the water police, but was advised only limited numbers were on patrol and no one was available to attend the scene.

The Daily has contacted water police, who referred the matter to Queensland Transport, which wasn't able to advise how many fines had been given to jetskis riders.