Charis Mullen has defended her record after being challenged by her LNP counterpart David Crisafulli.
Charis Mullen has defended her record after being challenged by her LNP counterpart David Crisafulli.

Bizarre war of words over Google Wing technology in SEQ

A COMICAL war of words has erupted within parliament after an Ipswich MP asked a question in estimates about shopping trends.

Member for Jordan Charis Mullen has drawn the ire of the LNP for using estimates to question Tourism and Innovation Minister Kate Jones about new Google drone delivery technology.

The technology, delivering residents' shopping via drone, is due to be rolled out in Logan; part of Ms Mullen's electorate.

The question was seized on by the LNP's David Crisafulli; who viewed Ms Mullen's probing of government ministers as softer than that of rogue Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller.

"The contrast between the Bundamba bulldog and the Jordan jellyback is stark," Mr Crisafulli said.

"Ms Mullen might have scored a few brownie points with Annastacia Palaszczuk, but she completely failed the people of Ipswich.


David Crisafulli. On Thursday April 11, the Innovation, Tourism Development and Environment Committee met with residents to discuss potential impacts of the proposed Great Barrier Reef Protection Measures.
The LNP's David Crisafulli has taken aim at Jordan MP Charis Mullen. Emma Murray

"Instead of challenging the transformation of Ipswich into the state's super dump capital, Ms Mullen preferred to spruik shopping trends."

Ms Mullen hit back with her own cheek.

"A shopping trend is like Mr Crisafulli's interest in Ipswich, it tends to come and go," she responded.

"I have a longer-term interest to grow jobs in our region - and to ensure we are best placed to take advantage of new industries like drone technologies and air delivery services.

"Attracting a global company like Google Wing to set up operations in south-east Queensland is not a trend - it's a recognition that our innovation and jobs strategies are working under the Palaszczuk Government."

Estimates gives MPs the ability to scrutinise the government.

Ms Miller used estimates to accuse Housing Minister Mick de Brenni of being provocative by failing to answer her questions about noise at the Ripley school construction site.