FOLK ROCKER: Johanna Field's debut EP Suspended is now available to purchase and stream.
FOLK ROCKER: Johanna Field's debut EP Suspended is now available to purchase and stream.

Field of dreams suspended

EMERGE's Calen Le Couteur sat down with Brisbane musician Johanna Field to talk about her start in music and releasing her debut EP Suspended.

C: What first got you into music?

J: My mum encouraged me to get involved with music, she bought me an electric keyboard. She encouraged me with school choirs and things like that.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

J: I was really inspired by Ben Howard, I really love his music. I've also always loved Missy Higgins.

When did you first start making music?

J: In high school, I started trying to write songs and developing songwriting from Year 10 and 11 onwards.

What can you tell us about your recently released debut single Severed?

J: Severed is about the issues that you might be having with friends, family and relationships. Just going through tough patches and pretty much asking yourself "Can I fix this?” and "Is this something we can get through?”

What can you tell us about your recently released debut EP Suspended, what can we expect from the EP?

J: You can expect five tracks, they are all quite big. I've got my boyfriend Jayden Lynch to thank, and also Jason Overton and Henry Wilkinson because they are my band members on the EP. They really brought my songs to life and I appreciate what they've done so much.

How long have you been working on the EP?

J: It's been a work in progress for a long time, some of the songs that I put on the EP were from high school. She Don't Always was one I wrote in high school so I've always wanted to get that out there but we actually started working on the EP properly about two and a half months ago.

Where did you record it?

J: We recorded the EP at our University, QUT Kelvin Grove.

How was the recording process?

J: It was great (laughs), it was tiring and that's just the life of a musician when recording.

You will be launching the EP at the Milk Factory on October 12, what can we expect from the show?

J: I'll have the band on stage with me for most of the set, then I'll be doing some acoustic solo stuff in the beginning, then I'll be inviting my friend Elise up to sing the song we wrote together which is Stay. I'm also incorporating my TC-Helicon Voice Live Touch Unit, which is this incredible vocal effects and looping/layering system.

Who are some of the standout locals acts in your opinion?

J: Recently Jayden and I got to meet Josh Lovegrove, he was playing at a gig we were playing at. We'd heard his name around the Brisbane music scene but hadn't actually heard him play before, so we went and watched his set and he was just amazing.

We also had the opportunity to play a Sofar Sounds show with Jordan Merrick back in August and his songs were just incredible. Really nice, kind of Bon Iver-like vibes.

C: Have there been any recent releases that have stood out to you and why?

J: I've really enjoyed Lewis Watson's new album Midnight, I think he's probably inspired a lot of my recent writing so I definitely recommend him. Gabrielle Aplin has also recently released a new EP, I've been getting into that a lot recently as well.

C: Do you have a dream venue to be able to perform at?

J: I think the Triffid would be pretty cool, it's an awesome venue. One day maybe (laughs).

C: What's the best gig you've ever been to and what made it so special?

J: I'd have to say Lewis Watson's recent gig at The Triffid, he was promoting the new album. It was just so amazing because I had loved the album so much before seeing him play it live. It just reached all of my expectations and went above.

C: Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

J: I've always been interested in photography but I haven't strayed that far away from my iPhone (laughs). Until recently I bought a nice camera so I'll be playing around with that. Pretty much all of my other hobbies are music related though (laughs).

C: If you only had three words to describe your EP, which three words would you use?

J: Folk, rock, blues.