Woodford Correctional Centre houses some of the state's worst criminals.
Woodford Correctional Centre houses some of the state's worst criminals.

Staff member's close call in jail

A FEMALE psychologist found herself in a vulnerable situation in the latest incident to rock Queensland's prison system - and it wasn't even recorded.

Officers are meant to always be in the unit, which houses about 75 criminals, when non-custodial staff are inside.

The staff psychologist was in the room for about one-and-a-half minutes before patrolling staff saw her and called for the unit door to be opened.

The shocked staff member immediately reported the incident to the senior psychologist last Monday.

But it took until Wednesday for the matter to be logged as a "level 3 incident" in the jail's integrated offender management system, which records intelligence and critical incidents.

A blame game has erupted over why the matter was not logged, if it was "covered up" and whether there should be an independent investigation.

Furious officers say they reported the matter to an area supervisor immediately, who then passed it on to higher levels of management, but it was not logged.

Staff, angry it wasn't logged, raised the matter again on Wednesday.

But QCS says the incident wasn't progressed to centre management until then because of protected industrial action by officers at the jail over stalled Enterprise Bargaining negotiations, which includes a ban on those staff entering information into IOMS.

"The delay in this matter coming to the attention of senior leadership in QCS is consistent with QCS's view that delays in reporting on IOMS through industrial action has the potential to create security issues at correctional centres," a QCS spokeswoman said.

"This is a very concerning break down of processes, and is being investigated by centre management."

Officers say the management knew but chose to not log the issue and have already thrown staff involved in the initial incident "under the bus".

They've also questioned why it wasn't logged as a more serious incident.

"An incident of that calibre, it would have taken them 30 minutes to do it," an officer said.

"Incidents like that won't generally be recorded by staff; they will be done by supervisors and managers."