Feet photo baffles the internet

LADIES and gentlemen, kindly take a moment out of your busy workday to engage in intense debate with us over a stranger's feet.

This photo of a girl sitting on a gym bench has gone viral after social media users noticed the bizarre positioning of her feet.

Seriously, look at each one.


Wait ... what's the problem?


Oh God.



Nobody seems able to work out how this woman is able to bend her limbs in such a freakish, inhuman manner.

Some users suggested there was a mirror directly to her left, which would give the impression that both feet were bent the same way.

But she's only wearing a bracelet on her left wrist, which rules out that theory.

There was the more cynical suggestion that it was Photoshopped, but it looks pretty legit.

Another more inventive user suggested she's a double-foot amputee who puts her shoes on backwards to freak people out. Hmm. That's fair.

Still, others just assume she must be a hyper-flexible ballet expert who takes advantage of this skill by terrifying onlookers in everyday locations.

Either way, it's an odd mix of creepy and mesmerising.

So what's the verdict? Expert ballerina? Death-defying acrobat? Alien masquerading as human? All of the above?