There are concerns over reports of a lack of soap at schools. Picture: David Kapernick
There are concerns over reports of a lack of soap at schools. Picture: David Kapernick

Fears schools are short on soap and sanitiser

THERE have been reports some schools are running short on soap and hand sanitiser as children continue to attend class amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the QT that one state primary school in Ipswich only has four soap dispensers for more than 900 students and the soap was being watered down.

“Hand sanitiser is 15 weeks away and now everything is falling on the individual teachers to keep hygiene up and supply the products that are hard to get due to panic buying,” they said.

“The school is refusing to buy tissues for classrooms and telling teachers to buy them or ask the parents.

“Soap is only available in the toilets only and by what staff have noticed soap is very watered down. No paper towels are provided.

“It is up to the individual teacher whether they want to spread out the classes tables which is impossible to ‘social distance’ as classrooms are very small.”

A Department of Education spokeperson said it was reminding schools of the importance of maintaining hand hygiene to ensure the health of staff and students.

“Schools are highly aware of the need for strong health and hygiene practices and during this time have further strengthened awareness and strategies through the provision of soap and/or antibacterial hand wash, paper towels, additional focus on cleaning approaches for high-touch areas of the school, and attention to students or staff who are showing any signs of illness,” they said.

“Schools typically select either cake soap, liquid soap, or alcohol-based hand sanitiser for their toileting and other facilities throughout the school in the promotion of good hygiene.

“The Department has also worked with suppliers to ensure schools have access to adequate soap supplies.”