The defendant struck and choked his partner in front of their four children.
The defendant struck and choked his partner in front of their four children. MILLARD RUSSELL

Father strangles pregnant partner, threatens self-harm

AS HIS four children watched on, a 25-year-old man wrapped his hands around his partner's neck and choked her until she was red in the face and couldn't breathe after flying into a rage over a set of car keys.   

The defendant walked into Dalby District Court on Friday flanked by three police officers. He smiled when he saw his partner and his children in the courtroom.   

Crown prosecutor Farook Anoozer told the court the defendant was at his mother's house on January 25 when his partner, eight months pregnant at the time, asked for the keys to their car to go to an appointment with a midwife.  

The defendant threw the keys at his partner before they both got into the car together.

The defendant punched his partner in the face while they were in the car. When the complainant left the car, the defendant drove at her, stopping before he hit her.   

The defendant got out of the car and began to strangle his partner until she couldn't breathe. 

He then threatened to harm himself, telling the complainant's family it was her fault he was harming himself.    

Mr Anoozer told the court the woman declined to provide a victim impact statement and wanted the defendant to resume a relationship with their children.     

Defence lawyer Jess Goldie told the court the defendant had spent seven months in custody and the time had served as a "wake-up call".     

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren said the defendant's chances of rehabilitation were "guarded".  

"You so obviously need personal deterrence," he said.      

The defendant pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm (domestic violence offence), strangulation in a domestic setting, contravention of a domestic violence order, and deprivation of liberty.   

He was sentenced to 12 months, two and a half years, two months, and one month imprisonment for each of the charges respectively, to be served concurrently.

His parole release date was recorded for November 24 this year.