Father sharpens knife, threatens life in front of child

A MAN who broke his bail conditions by subjecting his wife and child to domestic violence has been sentenced to three months in prison.

While the term was wholly suspended by Magistrate Jennifer Batts, the defendant was visibly relieved to hear he would be released from custody.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess said an argument between the man and his wife broke out about 6.30pm after he had been drinking.

The defendant accused the aggrieved that she was not looking after their child.

The defendant then lunged at them leaving both the aggrieved and their eight-year-old child scared.

"He then threatened to slit his own throat," Sgt Burgess said.

It was said that a knife had been heard being sharpened before the threat was made, making the threat even more intimidating.

"When police attended they located a large fishing knife on the kitchen bench," Sgt Burgess said.

The defendant's history noted previous breaches in 2018 and 2017.

Duty lawyer Rian Dwyer said his client had attended two sessions recently for his drinking.

Ms Batts said she was "very concerned" about the one month remaining on the defendant's existing probation.

"With or without supervision by parole or probation I strongly recommend that you take these steps regarding your issues of domestic violence in your relationship, for your benefit, for your family's benefit, and for the benefit of the community," she said.

The 41-year-old father was granted immediate parole.