Father sentenced for attack after son shot by police

"IT BROKE my heart, I love my boy", a distressed dad told an Ipswich magistrate when sentenced for assaulting his teenage son who was shot by police.

In Crown evidence before Ipswich Magistrates Court, the dad punched his son in the head and face after he was shot.

When police were called to the Springfield house by the man's estranged wife, the dad had already assaulted their son after being called names.

Police met the dad outside the house, the man saying "that prick son of mine whom I'm going to f***ing kill".

The 16-year-old son, brandishing a knife, ran from the house toward his father.

Police warned him to stop, or they'd shoot. He was then shot, running around a car.

His dad chased him then assaulted him with punches to his face and head.

The court heard he didn't know his son was shot until police dragged him off the teen.

The dad, 44, pleaded guilty to committing three unlawful assaults, declared domestic violence offences, against his son at Springfield on February 15.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop ordered the name of the man not be published to avoid identifying his son, now aged 17.

Crown prosecutor Annica Fritz said there was a verbal argument between the dad and the son before the incident.

In the front yard the dad had punched him.

In the tussle the mother pulled the dad off their son.

Ms Mossop said earlier the son had kicked his father in the back and the mother overheard him calling his father "a d**k head".

Separated by a screen door, the dad punched it and this connected with the son's nose causing it to bleed.

The son then punched a hole in a wall, got a knife and went to his bedroom.

Ms Fritz said the dad then ran into the house with a pole, yelling at his son who was in the bathroom, the door locked.

Police then arrived.

Ms Fritz described the third assault of his wounded son as being "gratuitous violence".

"He continued to assault the child despite being incapacitated with gunshot wounds to his back," she said.

"He had two gunshot wounds. Both officers did shoot when he ran out the door with the knife."

Defence lawyer Zara Rudan said the dad had a tough upbringing and suffered abuse in his childhood, putting him on a path of alcohol and drug abuse.

"He is incredibly remorseful for his actions... and is eager to reconcile with his son," Ms Rudan said.

"He will never forgive himself... and described the incident as a complete utter failure on his behalf."

Ms Mossop said the son's Asperger's condition includes social phobias and aggression.

Sentencing him to an 18-month probation order with supervision, Ms Mossop said it would assist his rehabilitation, receive medical intervention and do anger-management counselling.