COURT: Assault conviction handed down following attack with tyre iron.
COURT: Assault conviction handed down following attack with tyre iron. Contributed

Father bashed with bar in front of his wife and child

SMASHING a tyre iron over another man's head during a dispute over debt, led to the conviction of a 47-year-old man for common assault.

John William Storch pleaded guilty to one count of assault causing bodily harm while armed on June 10, 2018, when he appeared in Roma District Court last week.

The court heard Storch confronted his victim as he was working on a car out the front in the presence of his child and wife.

Storch then engaged in a dispute over a debt, asserting that money was owed to him when a fight broke out, the court heard.

During the fight Storch picked up a tyre iron lever and smashed it over the back of the complainant's head, in front of the wife and child.

The strike to the head caused a laceration that required three staples.

Prosecutions lawyer David Finch, appearing for the Crown, said Storch had a lengthy criminal history.

"Previous convictions include assault, resisting police, drug offences and possessing dangerous drugs," Mr Finch said.

However, defence lawyer Frank Martin argued the defendant took himself straight to Roma police with the weapon and spoke with officers, admitting guilt, and was placed in custody for 173 days.

Judge Richard Jones said a timely plea, unusual circumstances and no other entries of assault since 2008 would be taken into consideration.

"It was a gross attack in the sense that you had a weapon and it was on the complainant's premises and in front of his wife and child," Judge Jones said.

"However your plea was a timely one and taking yourself to police with the iron bar reflects a considerable administration of justice.

"The 18 months served in custody will be declarable."

Storch was handed a 14-month suspended sentence with an opera- tional period of 18months.