Scott Morrison on the proposed fast train.
Scott Morrison on the proposed fast train.

Fast train proposal for Toowoomba "laughable"

I HAVE to laugh every time I read the comments the SEQ Council of Mayors write about a $70 Billion rail fast track and Olympic Games bid.

I wonder how much it costs us to have the major infrastructure consultants from SMEC partake in this request from the SEQ Council of Mayors for this feasibility study.

Many years ago I was one of several rail union officials who took part in arguments with senior rail management about cancelling passenger services that ran to various outer depots as well as regular services to Brisbane.

Despite the facts the union delegates raised at these meetings it was to no avail.

One argument we could not respond to was the lack of patronage on these services. Unfortunately this was enough reason for management to win the argument thus the cancellation of Downs rail services.

I would love to see rail services resumed on the Downs and to Brisbane but one can only dream of this happening.

The cost would be too great for government to consider running these services plus the 45 minute time factor quoted from Brisbane to Toowoomba is impossible.

May I suggest that when the SEQ Council of Mayors and SMEC have their next meeting they invite someone from QR and government to be told that these suggestions are only pipedreams.

It takes Australia's fastest train, the Tilt Train, one hour and 35 minutes to get to Nambour and the SEQ Council of Mayors believes a train and rail line can be built to travel to Toowoomba in 45 minutes. Nambour and Toowoomba are roughly the same distance from Roma St.


Futures Brisbane: Bernard Salt outlines Future Brisbane. Credit: Courier Mail.