Nathan Patterson hit speeds up to 154km/h.
Nathan Patterson hit speeds up to 154km/h.

Fan becomes baseball pro on back of viral video

IN THE span of three weeks, Nathan Patterson went from just a regular fan at a baseball game to an MLB hopeful with a minor-league contract.

On July 15, Patterson and his brother Christian attended a Rockies game where the two decided to try their luck at the speed pitch challenge at Coors Field.

When Nathan started clocking in at around 154km/h (96mph), Christian began recording.

The video was retweeted more than 1000 times, viewed by more than one million people, and eventually caught the eyes of the A's front office.

On Thursday, the 23-year-old signed a minor-league contract with Oakland. His recent viral status was the fruit of a dream he had been working toward for a long time and is now realising.

"Words cannot describe this feeling and I cannot thank everyone enough who has been part of this journey so far!," he wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of him inking his deal.

"This story is not over. It is not the beginning. I am writing the next chapters and excited for this journey! Time to focus even more, work even harder, and it all starts with your mindset. Go after your dreams and make them a reality!"

Patterson had reportedly been in contact with the A's since February and continued to work and train towards a potential contract, but his eye-catching performance in a ballpark event sealed the deal.