Riley White and a metre plus threadfin caught in the Brisbane River.
Riley White and a metre plus threadfin caught in the Brisbane River.

Family friendly fishing hotspots to enjoy over holidays


WITH the start of the school holidays, it's a perfect time to get the kids out of the house and go fishing.

Plenty of kid-friendly locations are producing the goods.

The Gold Coast Spit is a great place to take the kids and provides plenty of fishing options.

Bream, grassy sweetlip and estuary cod are regular catches.

The use of a float can help when fishing around the rocks as it will stop you getting snagged.

The best baits for the rock wall are prawns, squid strips or pieces of pilchards. Keep the sinker to a minimum as you want a lot of movement in your bait to attract the better quality fish.

Lures like soft plastics or diving hard bodies will also work well. If there are trevally or tailor chasing bait fish around the surface, topwater lures like small stickbaits or poppers can work well.

Further inside the Gold Coast Spit, the sandy beaches start and there have been good reports of whiting, flathead and bream coming from these locations.

Sand worms or live yabbies are the go here and light lines are a must as the fishing pressure is quite high in this area.

Keep the sinker size to a minimum and try to hide as much of the hook in the bait for better results.

If you want to try popping for whiting, this is a great location as the flats are shallow and covered with patches of sea grass.

The Bassday Sugar Pen is a great lure to start with and easy lure to use.

Cast as far as possible as whiting can be very flighty in these areas, twitch your rod tip on the retrieve and use a quick wind to keep the whiting interested. Small poppers like the Daiwa Steez popper can also work well and the popping action is great for calling in fish, watch out as trevally and long tom love poppers and can be a handful on lighter gear.

Closer to home, mud crabs are on the move.

The upper Brisbane River from Kookaburra Park to Jindalee is producing some good sized muddies.

Kids love checking pots so keep them interested by checking your pots regularly. Focus on drains, creek mouths or drop-offs for better results and a nice oily fish like mullet is a great bait.

In the Brisbane River, the threadfin salmon are also widespread at the moment.

Threadfin are showing up in the upper reaches of the tidal portions of the river. There are plenty of bankside locations to target these fish with popular spots being Goodna boat ramp, Moggill fishing pontoon, Kookaburra Park and Riverside Park near the junction of the Bremer and Brisbane Rivers.

Using larger bait prawns or cast netting live bait is the most productive way to chase them.

A wire trace and circle hook will also help as baby bull sharks are a common bi-catch and will cut through normal fishing line fairly quickly if hooked.

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