Michelle Sutton's cat Herbie died after two pigging dogs mauled it.
Michelle Sutton's cat Herbie died after two pigging dogs mauled it.

Family cat dies after being torn apart by two pig dogs


A MILLMERRAN family is heartbroken after they came home to find their cat almost torn in half, after it was mauled to death by two pig dogs. 

Michelle Sutton said her six-year-old son came across Herbie, their 10-year-old Himalayan Persian, under the pine tree in their font yard yesterday.

His screams rang through the house, as his grandma rushed to his side to discover Herbie had been mauled, with his head bleeding, eyes ripped out and stomach torn apart.

Ms Sutton said a passerby had seen two pig dogs, one white and one brindle, circling the tree in her backyard earlier in the day but wasn't sure what to think of it.

Ms Sutton said her family had a sleepless night.

"It is just awful, every time I look at my poor children they are crying. They just can't understand how this could happen to Herbie," she said.

"We have had him for 10 years and he never ventured out of the yard, he didn't like to and he had a bad hip so he couldn't go far.

"He had the most beautiful soul. He was a part of the family and so many of the locals in the area knew him, he was just a sweet, iconic old man and he shouldn't have died like this."

Ms Sutton said Millmerran had a pig dog problem, with many owners letting their dogs roam the streets.

"This town is out of control with loose pig dogs," she said.

"They are designed to kill, they shouldn't be allowed to roam.

"I used to go walking at night, I felt safe but lately I have stopped because I come across too many dogs in the streets.

"I had one stalk me once but I stood my ground and it left. But the problem is, it was right near a kindergarten and if came across a child who knows what could happen.

"If nothing is done about forcing owners to keep their pig dogs in their yards a child will be mauled in the streets.

"My mum also recently got out of the car and one came running up to her and tried to bite her but it was only because she had her walking stick she was able to scare it off."

Ms Sutton wants to warn others to keep an eye out, to make sure another family pet doesn't suffer the same fate.

She reported the incident to council.