Fake text sent for ambush

RHETT Kissier waited in ambush behind a parked car for about 20 minutes before brutally punching, kicking and stomping on his former girlfriend's new partner.

Kissier, 18, lured his victim into the ambush via a text message.

The brutal attack was deliberate and premeditated and Kissier washed blood from his hands before walking off into the night.

The victim lost four teeth.

His eyes were so swollen he couldn't see and his mouth so swollen he couldn't eat.

The attack occurred about 9.30pm last September 21 in Canberra St, North Mackay, prosecutor Bimal Raut told the Mackay Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

Kissier pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing bodily harm.

The court heard that Kissier was visiting his female friend's residence when the victim sent her a text message saying: "If Rhett's not there, I'll come over".

Kissier saw the text message and used his female friend's phone to reply: "Hi, come over".

He then waited behind a parked car for 20 minutes and when the victim arrived he attacked him.

Kissier, who claimed on the night that he had marital arts skills, began punching and kicking the victim's face and body continually, the court was told.

After he stopped, Kissier went into his female friend's unit and washed blood from his hands then left.

When officers later located Kissier he told them he "flogged the crap" out of the victim because he couldn't stop himself.

The victim spent two nights in hospital with head, face and body injuries.

The prosecution sought $5487 in compensation for the victim to cover medical and other expenses.

ATSI Legal Service solicitor David Ritchie said Kissier had been consuming some beers and four to five rums before the incident.

Mr Ritchie asked for a sentence that included immediate parole so Kissier could continue working to pay compensation to his victim and get assistance with anger management.

Kissier was remanded in custody and will be sentenced next Monday.