Arrest. Photo: File.
Arrest. Photo: File.

DRUNK INTRUDER: Coast resident pins down unwanted guest

A BIG night out with friends ended in chaos when a young Hervey Bay man was found intoxicated inside another person's home last month.

Matthew Nicholas Porich was located by the resident around 1am on February 9.

Police prosecutor Louese McConnell said the complainant was able to pin him down.

Police arrived and found the complainant standing over Porich near the front door.

"Officers tried to handcuff him but he resisted," Ms McConnell said.

They were eventually able to restrain him but he refused to get into the paddy wagon.

After arriving at the watch house, Porich refused to say his name.

"He responded by telling the officer to f--- off and that he already knew his name," Ms McConnell said.

Defence lawyer Warren Hunter argued much of his client's behaviour could be blamed on booze.

Porich pleaded guilty to three charges.

Mr Guttridge imposed a $650 fine but did not record a conviction.