REVEALED: These are ten Sunshine Coast drug dealers to go through court this year.
REVEALED: These are ten Sunshine Coast drug dealers to go through court this year.

EXPOSED: Identities of 10 Sunshine Coast drug dealers

From attempted jailhouse drug smugglers to a mum dealing meth in exchange for a bottle of perfume, these are 10 Sunshine Coast drug dealers to go through court this year.

Dad-to-be given 'last chance' after busted selling acid

A drug dealer who attempted to sell 50 acid tabs to fuel his own drug habit was given "one last chance" in order to stay out of jail.

Dylan Remmy Brady, 24, was asleep on a mattress in the lounge room when police searched his girlfriend's house and found acid tablets that belonged to him.

Crown prosecutor Alex Stark told the court the search warrant was executed on January 31 last year.

"They found 45 tablets of lysergide (LSD), his mobile phone and $775 cash," he said.

Mr Stark told the court an analysis of Brady's phone revealed he had offered to sell the tablets to people on January 23 and 30.

The court heard Brady had also offered to supply marijuana, Xanax and MDMA.

"This is consistent with his submissions that he had purchased 50 acid tabs on that day and his friend had already taken two of them," Mr Stark said.

"He purchased the tablets for $500 and planned on selling them for $15 each - $750 total, so a small profit.

"The crown does allege commerciality given the amount of tablets."

The court heard Brady had not sold the other 45 tablets.

Brady pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to 13 charges, including supplying and possessing dangerous drugs.

Brady was sentenced to one year jail with immediate parole, and convictions were recorded.


Dylan Brady.
Dylan Brady.


Drug dealer told to grow up or get ready for 'big house'


A "well known" drug dealer was told by a court he needs to grow up or he will be "in the big house with the big boys".

David Michael Schmidt, 28, pleaded guilty in Caloundra Magistrates Court to five charges of supplying dangerous drugs and two charges of possessing dangerous drugs.

Police prosecutor Mark Burrell told the court police were doing patrols in Beerwah on January 15 when they came across Schmidt.

The court heard Schmidt appeared nervous and after a search of his car, police found drug utensils and an unlocked mobile phone.

"They found recent text messages from Facebook messenger," Senior Constable Burrell said.

"Checks of these messages revealed that the defendant was involved in the recent supply of cannabis."

The court heard there were messages from five people indicating the supply of drugs on November 23.

The search also found a clip-seal bag of marijuana weighing 7g and a clipseal bag with crystal residue, suspected to be methamphetamine.

Schmidt was sentenced to six months jail with immediate parole.

David Schmidt.
David Schmidt.


Mum deals meth in exchange for bottle of perfume


A mum of young children was sentenced for dealing methamphetamine in exchange for a bottle of perfume.

Police raided Kylie Maree Herberts's Buderim home at 5pm on March 21 last year.

Just under 1g of marijuana, small amounts of methamphetamine, clip-seal bags, $850 in cash and a phone were found in her car.

"There was a series of text messages which disclosed an arrangement for her to supply a point of methamphetamine to another person in exchange for a bottle of perfume valued at $130," crown prosecutor Alex Stark told Maroochydore District Court.

Herberts, 42, pleaded guilty to six charges including supplying a schedule 1 dangerous drug.

Judge Glen Cash gave Herberts a 12-month jail sentence with immediate parole.

Kylie Maree Herberts.
Kylie Maree Herberts.



Dealer says he pulled out after mate 'almost died'


A drug dealer told police he "pulled out" of the trade after his friend almost died in his arms.

Samuel James Woodman, 21, received an intensive correction order in Maroochydore District Court after police raided his Little Mountain home in September last year.

Crown prosecutor Will Slack said they found 8g of marijuana, 1.5g of pure MDMA in 10 tablets, and $2400 in cash.

A notebook with a tick sheet and messages on Woodman's phone was said to be evidence he had supplied MDMA on 10 occasions and marijuana oil on three occasions.

"Those entries in the notebook were confirmed by him during an interview with police," Mr Slack said.

"Some of those supplies were in quantities capable of being on-sold.

"He sold in both rock and capsule form with the largest capsule sale being 12 capsules and his largest rock sale being 2g.

"It's the crown's submission that these supplies were for a commercial purpose."

Judge Glen Cash sentenced Woodman to 12 months' jail to be served in the community as an intensive correction order with conditions including drug testing, reporting to an officer twice a week, and receiving counselling.

Convictions were recorded.

Samuel James Woodman.
Samuel James Woodman.


'Dead or in jail': Messages found on dealer's phone


A meth dealer says she fell in with the wrong crowd after leaving her husband.

Deanne Catherine McHarry, 35, was sentenced to parole for supplying and possessing methamphetamine.

Maroochydore District Court heard she began using the drug after her marriage broke down and she met a group of friends through her new "off and on" boyfriend.

McHarry was on a good behaviour bond for drug offending when she and her boyfriend were pulled over by police at Pelican Waters on March 31 last year.

Crown prosecutor Laura Hamilton said police found three clip-seal bags of a substance containing 1.565g of pure methamphetamine.

Police also found a loaded syringe, 6g of marijuana, scales and a glass pipe which McHarry claimed were hers.

Her mobile phone was seized and she was interviewed.

"She made some general admission about supplying methamphetamine to people for about one-and-a-half months," Ms Hamilton said.

A message was found in McHarry's phone asking someone if they still wanted to buy drugs.

Her mother sat in the gallery today as McHarry pleaded guilty to nine charges including two counts of supplying a schedule 1 dangerous drug.

Judge Gary Long sentenced McHarry to 12 months' imprisonment with immediate release on parole.

Deanne Catherine McHarry.
Deanne Catherine McHarry.


Texts pin meth dealer for 'selling to friends'


Text messages have sprung a meth dealer up to his old tricks but a court heard he was only "selling to friends" this time.

Police conducted a search warrant at Brodie Gary Satterley's home in November 2018 when they seized his phone.

"The text messages revealed that the defendant supplied methamphetamine on three occasions, he offered and agreed to supply it on another two occasions and finally did acts preparatory to the supply of a quarter ounce, or 7g, of cannabis," Crown prosecutor Will Slack told a court.

He said on one occasion Satterley sold $250 worth of methamphetamine, which "was likely 1g".

Satterley made admissions to police about the drug deals at Nambour when he was interviewed in April last year.

At Maroochydore District Court, he pleaded guilty to five counts of supplying methamphetamine and one count of supplying marijuana.

Satterley was sentenced to 18 months' jail with immediate parole.


Businesswoman falls from six-figure salary to jail cell


A Sunshine Coast businesswoman was on a six-figure salary and about to start a business when she fell back into a crippling drug addiction, a court has been told.

Cassandra Leigh Brownsdon, 31, was working as a national accounts manager for a communications company when her "drug-affected chaotic life" caught up with her and she was busted with more than $4800 cash and 29g of ice.

Brownsdon, of Beerwah, appeared via videolink in Brisbane Supreme Court where she pleaded guilty to drug possession and supplying $350 ice, which she code named "salt and vinegar" in text messages.

The court was told Brownsdon was on parole when she was caught riding a motorbike unlicensed and while affected by ice on October 19 last year.

She tried to escape police, but fell off the bike and was found with 10 clip-seal bags containing drugs and money in her possession, the court was told.

Brownsdon was sentenced to three years' jail, to be served alongside the jail term imposed last year.

She will be eligible for parole on November 16.

Cassandra Leigh Brownsdon.
Cassandra Leigh Brownsdon.

Drug dealer awaits her punishment after guilty plea


A Sunshine Coast woman is due to be sentenced for dealing drugs after pleading guilty to 16 charges.

Maree Ann Johnson, 39, faced Maroochydore District Court.

The Coolum Beach woman pleaded guilty to 16 counts of supplying a Schedule 1 dangerous drug.

Judge Glen Cash adjourned the matter to October 30 when Johnson is due to be sentenced.

Her bail was enlarged.

Maree Ann Johnson.
Maree Ann Johnson.



Jailbird's bid to inject $15k of drugs into prison system


A jailbird's bid to have up to $15,000 worth of drugs injected into a southeast Queensland prison was cut down by officers.

James Alexander Hanlon's mate had organised to visit the prisoner at Woodford Correctional Centre in December last year when he was stopped at screening.

Officers found he was carrying 77 buprenorphine strips and four syringes.

Maroochydore District Court heard Hanlon, 31, had organised for his friend to bring the drugs into the prison.

Crown prosecutor Will Slack said the drugs could be sold at $150-$200 a strip.

"The value of this quantity of buprenorphine in the prison system is roughly between $11,000 and $15,400," he said.

"Those syringes that were located are a prohibited thing in the correctional facility and are the subject of a summary charge.

"The defendant is liable for that as a party to (his friend's) possession of the syringes."

Hanlon appeared by video plead guilty to eight charges including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing grievous bodily harm, and supplying dangerous drugs.

Hanlon was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail for the dangerous operation offence and a further nine months in jail for the supply offence.

He was given a total jail sentence of three years and three months to be served cumulatively on the sentence he was currently serving.

Hanlon was given immediate parole eligibility and disqualified from driving for 18 months.

James Alexander Hanlon.
James Alexander Hanlon.

Bra-king bad: Jailhouse drug smuggle puts grandad in the bin


A grandfather was behind bars again after he was found guilty of having his partner smuggle drugs into jail inside her bra.

Mark Andrew Stewart, 41, was serving time at Maryborough Correctional Centre when he asked his partner to collect a package from Caboolture and deliver it to him.

Maroochydore District Court heard Susan Gail Hillier, 47, brought 60 Subutex pills into the centre stuffed inside a balloon in her bra, before trying to smuggle them to Stewart.

"She intended to place them in her mouth and to give it to him by kissing him, and again she stated she did not know the contents of the package but believed it to be cannabis," crown prosecutor Stipe Drinovac said.

Stewart told police another inmate had approached him two months prior to the incident requesting he organised the collection and smuggling of the package.

"He was to gain $1000 cash for successful delivery of the package," Mr Drinovac said.

"However he also told police he thought he would have his head kicked in if he did not deliver the drugs to the other prisoner."

At Maroochydore District Court, Stewart pleaded guilty to supplying dangerous drugs within a correctional facility.

Stewart was sentenced to 18 months in prison, to serve six.

He was eligible for parole on August 9.

In May last year, Hillier was sentenced on a "different basis" due to her role in the delivery of the drugs.

She received a six-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, for her involvement in the matter.