Cvjetin Ivkovic leaves court.  Photo Ross Irby.
Cvjetin Ivkovic leaves court. Photo Ross Irby.

Explosives in car offender back in court

A MAN jailed after being found with explosives in his car at the Redbank Plaza shopping centre was back before the Ipswich court on Friday to face drugs and weapon charges.

Cvjetin Ivkovic, 40, from Bellbird Park, pleaded guilty to 11 charges including possession of dangerous drugs; two charges of drug possession heroin and methylamphetamine; possession of drug utensils; unlawful possession of weapons; possession of a knife in a public place; driving when drug positive; receiving tainted property; and failing to take care with used syringes.

Prosecutor Sergeant Molinaro said the more serious drug charge involved the possession of methylamphetamine in three plastic bags with a combined weight of 4.8g.

Sgt Molinaro said Ivkovic had an extensive criminal history including Federal Police matters in WA.

He was convicted in 2019 for having explosives at Redbank and was recently sentenced in the Richlands court for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and evading police, receiving a $6000 fine and nine months jail suspended for three years.

Sgt Molinaro said the charges before the Ipswich court included being in possession of a taser and 0.7 grams of heroin.

"He has a terrible criminal history," Sgt Molinaro said.

"There has been burglary, drugs, assault causing bodily harm, and making threats to kill."

Sgt Molinaro said police sought a jail term of 12 months that also took into account his existing suspended jail sentence.

Defence lawyer Bill Leather said Ivkovic was married with two teenage children.

His wife had given up work to care for him with significant disabilities that he now suffers as a result of worsening back issues, and the effects of drug use from a young age.

Ivkovic is on a two-year waiting list for surgery and uses a cane to walk.

He instructed his lawyer that he used drugs for pain relief.

Cvjetin Ivkovic leaves court after being released on parole for a string of drug and weapons offences.
Cvjetin Ivkovic leaves court after being released on parole for a string of drug and weapons offences.


Mr Leather tended a reference from Ivkovic's church pastor, who stated that he knew Ivkovic as being a good man.

When Magistrate David Shepherd queried the letter, Mr Leather replied: "People live different lives. Pastors don't see that".

"I think he tries hard. He'd like to be a better man," Mr Leather said.

Mr Shepherd told Ivkovic his criminal history told a different story.

"Your criminal history as observed does you no favours. Not readily explained by drug use for pain relief," Mr Shepherd said.

"With weapons, violence and serious drug offences, and in 2019 you were sentenced for unlawfully dealing with explosive materials, noxious substances.

"You were sentenced to 15 months in prison and served over a year."

Mr Shepherd said health issues did not explain why Ivkovic would have tasers and knives.

"Drugs and weapons are never a good look," he said.

He sentenced Ivkovic to six months jail for the weapons offences and 12 months jail for the most serious drugs charge.

He was given immediate parole release.

For drug driving he was convicted and disqualified for three months.