Police found numerous items buried.
Police found numerous items buried. Frazer Pearce

Explosive device not only thing found buried in his backyard

HE GROUND up sparklers and matchstick heads and put the substances in a PVC pipe ion his backyard.

It wasn't the only thing police found hidden in Leon Vincent Kellaway's Moranbah backyard.

Kellaway, 25, pleaded guilty to 14 charges in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on June 8 to charges related to manufacturing explosives, illegal possession a live round, possessing illegal marijuana and methamphetamines, possessing a weapon, possessing tainted property (an emergency breathing apparatus) and possessing drug utensils.

The court heard Kellaway was already in custody at the time police carried out on a Moranbah property he had shared with his partner.

Police prosecutor Shayne Studdert said police found many items buried in containers in the backyard that were used in production of illegal drugs including glass flasks.

He said they also found red phosphorous acid and iodine scattered throughout the house.

In the bedroom, inside a Berroca container, police found two clip seal bags with 0.26grams of meth in them.

In a Bulla icecream container buried in the backyard, police found 2.76g of marijuana.

Defence lawyer Doug Winning said Kellaway's partner did not know about the contraband items.

"He hatched the idea in his mind to cook some drugs but didn't have the expertise," he said.

"They (police) weren't looking at an active clandestine laboratory.

"It was piecemeal."

Mr Winning claimed the PVC piping one third full with ground up sparklers and matchstick heads was a product used in making meth.

"It was simply a storage mechanism," he said.

Kellaway received a six-month prison-term with 89 days in custody declared and the sentence suspended immediately with an operation period of two years.

However, he was remanded in custody for other matters yet to be dealt with in the Gladstone District Court including stalking and armed robbery.