Work together with leaders to grow Ipswich

DURING the past two-and-a-half weeks, the QT has been painting a picture about how our city will look in the future.

But we know it's not enough just to give you data and predictions about population growth.

We know we need to work together with our city's current leaders and advocates in order to put in place plans to make the most of the opportunity we have in front of us.

And we want to involve you too - the people of Ipswich.

At the end of our print campaign, we'll present the most important insights from top Australian demographer Bernard Salt at a lunch forum here in Ipswich.

And you are invited.

The QT has engaged a panel of our community leaders who will be on hand to answer questions about what infrastructure and services they believe Ipswich will need so we can tackle our population growth and make the most of opportunities in front of us.

Greg Chemello.
Greg Chemello.

That panel will include Ipswich city interim administrator Greg Chemello, Superintendent Ipswich Police District Kath Innes, West Moreston Health Service board chairman Michael Willis and public transport advocate from Rail Back on Track, Robert Dow.

Superintendent Katherine Innes outside Yamanto Police Station.
Superintendent Katherine Innes. Rob Williams

These community leaders understand the issues facing our city now and in to the future.

West Moreton Hospital and Health Service Board Chair Michael Willis.
Michael Willis. Rob Williams

For just $35 a ticket, you'll get a two-course lunch and drinks and of course access to a panel of experts who will speak about what we need to move forward as a city.

WHILE working as a lecturer and course co-ordinator at QUT around 2003, Robert Dow began to notice students regularly struggling to get to class on time. At the time Brisbane was bus-centric and rail was neglected so he began the advocacy group 'Back on Track'. The group began churning out press releases in 2004 about the air train and next thing you know he is on ABC talking about it.
Robert Dow. Rob Williams

The Queensland Times presents Future Ipswich on Tuesday, April 16, starting at noon, at Brothers Leagues Club.

Places are limited and tickets are selling fast so you'll need to get in quick.

Head to to buy your tickets today.

Now is the time for everyone in Ipswich to stand up and help plan the future of our city.