Expert says posting French flag on Facebook feeds ISIS

A FORMER Australian Army medic and current PTSD psychologist says turning your Facebook profile image into the French flag is only giving the terrorists what they want.

Facebook users across the globe starting changing their profile images in the wake of the attacks in Paris on November 13.

The mass action has sparked much debate on Facebook about whether it is what ISIS (who claim to be responsible for the Paris attacks) wants or if it is just a way for people to show their solidarity with the people of Paris.

One Facebook user (who wishes to remain anonymous) said:

I can't help but wonder whether terrorists are enjoying seeing landmarks and social media filled with the colours of the French flag. It's sending a clear message to them that their evil actions have affected the whole world, which is exactly what they want.

Former Australian Army medic and current psychologist specialising in soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dr Kenneth O'Brien, based in Rockhampton, said putting the French flag colours over profile images on social media is giving the terrorists what they want.