Barnaby Joyce
Barnaby Joyce Warren Lynam

Expert predicts Joyce will destroy Windsor and claim seat

BARNABY Joyce is set to smash Tony Windsor, at the federal election, taking home as much as 60% of the primary vote in Mr Windsor's seat of New England, one political expert has predicted.

The prediction comes after Mr Windsor alleged in parliament on Tuesday Senator Joyce was set to receive as much as $700,000 from mining magnate Gina Rinehart for his campaign.

Senator Joyce has denied as such arrangement exists, saying Mr Windsor should come out of the "cowards castle" of parliament, and make the comments publicly.

Australian National University Professor John Wanna said Mr Windsor had taken the extraordinary step because he was "obviously a bit spooked" by Senator Joyce's challenge.

Prof Wanna said he expected Sen Joyce to "rump" Mr Windsor at the ballot box, saying Mr Windsor would be lucky to get 30% of the primary vote.

Mr Windsor won 61% of the primary vote in New England in 2010, indicating an unprecedented swing against the independent member if Prof Wanna's prediction proves correct.

"Joyce will definitely close in on him in the months leading into the election, and I'd be surprised if he didn't get 60% of the primary vote, or at least win on the primary," Prof Wanna said.