YOU BEAUTY: Coast man Matt Duncan reeled in this beast of a bull shark from the Maroochy River.
YOU BEAUTY: Coast man Matt Duncan reeled in this beast of a bull shark from the Maroochy River.

'Exhausted': Matt's two-hour battle with monster shark

A SUNSHINE Coast man spent two hours alone in the dark battling a near three metre bull shark on Tuesday night; the biggest he has reeled in since living in Queensland.

His biceps were sore yesterday but Matt Duncan said the pain was worth the victory when he saw the size of the beast on the end of his line in the Maroochy River.

The fisherman has pulled in sharks of this size and bigger before when living in Western Australia, mostly grey nurses.

But never a 2.5m bull shark in a river system.

"I was definitely surprised at the size," he said.

"I had a 20-pound braid on my reel, it was a light set-up ... I fought it for about two hours.

"It swam from one side of the river to the other about 50 times, it was definitely a battle of patience and endurance because I had to work with what I had."

Mr Duncan said he rang his girlfriend Ebony about five minutes in, knowing he would need a hand to bring it in.

"You can tell when you have a shark at the end of your line almost straight away," he said.

"These sharks are super tough, they put up a fight. It kept coming to the shore but not too close because it was kind of beaching itself.

"I was exhausted at the end ... It was hard because the whole time I just wanted to reel it in but I couldn't put any more pressure on my line."

When the shark gave in and Ebony arrived the pair removed the hooks and tied a rope around its tail.

"I jumped in the water, I have done quite a few times so I wasn't frightened of it.

"I couldn't believe it. You hear stories about sharks but people swim and kayak in the river.

"Bull sharks are everywhere, but they are more scared of us than we are of them

"We walked about 200m and let it swim. We got to a shallow area and quickly grabbed a photo before releasing it. It swam away so powerfully."

Mr Duncan said recently he had been pulling in a fair few sharks around the Coast, from Alexandra Headland to Mudjimba and Coolum.

"But I won't give away the spots nearest to my heart," he said.

It comes after a Buderim fisherman pulled in a 1.2m bull shark in the same river near Bradman Ave on Easter Sunday.