A woman voting at a ballot box.
A woman voting at a ballot box.

ECQ investigates mishandled Lockyer votes

THE Electoral Commission of Queensland is investigating a rural voting site after a number of ballots were incorrectly handled - which could mean the votes won't be counted.

A source familiar with the election process told the Gatton Star that votes at the Murphys Creek Community Centre voting booth had been "contaminated" and the ballots had been "quarantined" from the count.

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The ECQ confirmed it was investigating the matter.

"The Electoral Commission of Queensland is looking into information that 19 councillor ballots were taken out of their declaration envelopes and counted before the elector's enrolment could be confirmed," a representative said.

"The information indicates that nine of the electors were confirmed as enrolled and were valid votes."

It came as new information, obtained exclusively by the Gatton Star, revealed postal votes are likely to determine the razor-thin contest between sitting councillor Janice Holstein and challenger Dave Neuendorf for the final Lockyer Valley council position.

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The representative said ECQ would determine a course of action once the final count was completed and investigations concluded.

"Based on the final count, and further inquiries, the ECQ will consider whether the small number of ballots involved could affect the outcome of the election and take action accordingly," they said.