Ex-cyclone’s last gasp set to batter state

A RAIN dump is forecast for parts of Queensland, as the remnants of ex-tropical cyclone Esther moves through the centre of the state.

A developing upper trough currently stretches through Central Australia from the Northern Territory to the NSW-South Australian border.



The Bureau of Meteorology is warning of heavy rainfall, severe thunderstorms and wind gusts for parts of western Queensland for tomorrow due to the developing trough and the ex-tropical cyclone's movement through the state.

Forecaster Rosa Hoff said the remnants of the system would move into southwest Queensland from the Northern Territory tomorrow.

She said the ex-tropical cyclone had deteriorated "quite a bit".

"But quite a lot of moisture remains," she said.

"Conditions favourable for some heavier rainfall totals."

The majority of the wild weather will hit the Channel Country tomorrow, bringing a high chance of rain for tomorrow and Thursday - including the possibility of falls over 150mm.

A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for the northwest district.


"We could see some thunderstorms on the fringe of the system," Ms Hoff said.

Along with heavy rainfall of 80-120mm in drought-stricken Birdsville tomorrow.

Increased cloud cover could steal the sunshine from Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, but coastal Queensland should escape the rain.

Ex-tropical cyclone Esther is expected to continue moving towards New South Wales over the coming days New South Wales

"We are forecasting the system will continue to weaken," Ms Hoff said.