Ex-councillor demands apology after wife allegedly trolled online

A former Logan City councillor, accused of fraud before the charge was dropped, has taken a developer to task over a message calling his wife "feral".

Ex-councillor Phil Pidgeon has called for an apology after his wife Robyn was devastated when Jimboomba developer Scott Nicholls sent her the Facebook message on Monday.

The message said: "From Logan! You might be feral but you ain't good lookin'. Makes me shudder just looking at that picture."



Jimboomba developer Scott Nicholls.
Jimboomba developer Scott Nicholls.

Mr Nicholls allegedly sent the message directly to Mrs Pidgeon's account after she had accused him of posting negative comments to a Facebook page about former Logan councillors.

"I wouldn't know Phil Pidgeon if he fell out of the porridge," Mr Nicholls said.

" … I am still not sure how I got involved … all I know is these people started attacking me personally online so I sent comments back.




The message sent to Robyn Pidgeon.
The message sent to Robyn Pidgeon.




"My comment (to Mrs Pidgeon) was a line out of a game (Cards Against Humanity) we play at home and the line: 'He ain't good lookin' but he sure is stupid', became a running joke.

"I was called a bogan by Phil Pidgeon, so I responded."

Mr Nicholls admitted sending the message but denied posting comments on the #NoLeftovers page, which is dedicated to revealing information about five former Logan councillors who were not charged with fraud.

The administrator of the page, David Kenny, said Mr Nicholls had removed comments about former councillors after he was taken to task by readers.

Mr Pidgeon said he wanted the comments to stop and demanded an apology for his wife.

"My family has been through two years of unimaginable pain after I was charged with fraud and those charges were finally dropped," Mr Pidgeon said.

"I want this man to apologise to my wife, who does not deserve this and neither do I.

"People cannot say what they like about other people on Facebook and definitely cannot send messages such as this to women.

"This cannot go on."

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