Ex-Bikie: ‘Put me in jail with the f**king men’



Weapons or wholefoods - in jail, everything is available for the right price. 

Fresh vegetables, steak, tattooing needles, mobile phones and weapons can all be freely imported into prison for inmates pursuing the favourite jailhouse hobbies of dealing drugs, inking up and getting massive. 

And the most common method of importation through the 1980s and 1990s wasn't a gruesome internal cavity, says ex-bikie and long-term inmate 'Cunno' - it was a simple shoebox, thanks to corrupt Corrective Services employees who were happy to look the other way for a kickback. 

'Cunno' is this week's guest on hit podcast I Catch Killers with Gary Jubelin, where the now-reformed outlaw reveals what led him into a life of crime and how he ultimately decided he wanted to die a free man, and renounced the bikie lifestyle. 




"I've seen it all with crooked prison officers," Cunno tells Jubelin, a former detective inspector of police who spent many years locking up bikies with the Gangs Squad and in Homicide.

"Drugs, weapons, mobile phones, money - you name it. For an amount, you now, 500 bucks, you could get a shoebox in certain (jails). Didn't matter what was in it. (A guard) got paid the money, didn't look in the shoebox. You got the shoebox the next night. Drugs, phones, weapons, money, needles. You name it.


Former bikie gang member 'Cunno', who is a guest on the I Catch Killers podcast with Gary Jubelin.
Former bikie gang member 'Cunno', who is a guest on the I Catch Killers podcast with Gary Jubelin.


"I went in there six (foot) four (185cm) and fifteen and a half stone (98kg)," Cunno says. "The first time I did a long lag, I came out at 19 and a half stone (123kg) after six months.

"I started bench (pressing) 100 pounds (45kg) 10 times. Six months later I was benching 400 pounds (180kg), deadlifting 650 (295kg). 

"We had the rorts with the kitchen. You get someone in the kitchen that you knew and, you know, you paid them in pot or whatever you dealt in, you paid them to give you chunks of steak or whatever - eggs, fresh veggies.

"It's like anywhere mate, you can get access to anything depending on where you were and how much you can pay."




Some guards were happy to turn a blind eye to pursuits they believed made prisoners less likely to cause trouble, Cunno says. 

"I got caught tattooing one day tattooing in Parramatta jail and the three-striper (senior guard) from the office downstairs come up looking for me," Cunno says.

"He walked in while I was doing a back job doing the patch on this guy's back. I was halfway through it. I said: 'I can't leave it undone'. He said: 'Bring me the f … thing when you're finished.'


I Catch Killers with Gary Jubelin.
I Catch Killers with Gary Jubelin.


When I walked downstairs, I took the needle out of it. I basically gave him the toothbrush that was bent in half to tape the motor to - I kept the motor and the needle and gave him the toothbrush. He shook his head at me, laughed and said: 'F … off'.


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Originally published as Ex-Bikie: 'Put me in jail with the f**king men'