Fruit shop owner Habib Habchi with Food Bank logistics manager Dave Jackman.
Fruit shop owner Habib Habchi with Food Bank logistics manager Dave Jackman.

Evicted Redbank Plaza fruit shop owner donates $35K to needy

RECENTLY evicted Redbank fruit shop owner Habib Habchi is still hurting from the loss of his business, but it hasn't dulled his motivation to feed the people.


After being directed to clean out about $80,000 worth of fruit and vegetables from his former Redbank Plaza shop late Tuesday night, he was able to salvage almost half and donate it to the Food Bank in Brisbane.


The donation of the truck load of fruit, which would have had a retail value of about $35,000, was greatly appreciated at the Morningside charity, which helps feed battling families across the south-east corner.

"Unfortunately we had to dump about half of the product because it wasn't fit for consumption," Mr Habchi said.

"What was donated wasn't fit for sale but it is still fine to eat.

"When we pulled in with an entire truck load of fruit and vegetables the guy's face was shocked.

"After all that has happened over the past week it was just nice to see people smiling."

Mr Habchi's business, H Fresh, opened at Redbank Plaza late last year.

Despite enjoying strong sales in its first six months, an ongoing dispute between Mr Habchi and centre management over the provision of a safe loading dock resulted in the termination of his lease last Wednesday night.

The fruit shop owner was allowed back into his former shop late Tuesday night to clear out roughly $80,000 of fruit and vegetables that were locked away when the centre management kicked him out last week.