Reports have surfaced about bad hygeine at the Orion Lagoon
Reports have surfaced about bad hygeine at the Orion Lagoon Denis Moskvinov

Readers sickened by reports of gastro, poop at Orion Lagoon

SHOCK reports of people seeing parents wash poo out of swimmers at the Orion Lagoon and more has sent social media in to a frenzy.

Some lagoon users reported getting a gastro bug hours after visiting the popular swimming spot, while others say they've never had a problem.

An Ipswich City Council spokesperson said a parasite which gives people gastro hadn't been detected at the lagoon for at least the past month.

But people are posting reports of seeing lagoon users washing out food bowls in the shallow water and lifeguards scooping poop out of the water.

On Facebook Amy Pene said "What do you expect from a free human soup bowl"?

Amanda Morrison said "everytime my girl goes to that pool she gets crook".

While Annette Rawlings said "what happened to the old 'shower before you swim' rule - may need to be reintroduced and reinforced".

Michelle Bliss said "Ipswich needs a indoor aquatic centre" and Mark Davis said "that's why we go to the rivers or the beaches for a swim!"

Pool owners Karen Patchin said "thank goodness I have my own pool at home, don't have to go to a public pool, probably wouldn't, if u paid me now!!!"

Trish Lewis said "yes I went out to Springfield lagoon and there was poo in the pool. Yuck."

The council is planning an advertising campaign that highlights the need for visitors to public swimming areas to maintain high standards of hygiene.

Disgusting is how Barb Zahnow summed it up "some people have no consideration or respect for others. Disgusting."

Nikki Elphinstone said "I've been many times, never had an issue, but I have seen the behaviour of some of the clientele and it leaves a lot to be desired. Some people are just atrocious. There needs to be a heavy penalty for their actions."

Dee Emm said "honestly, the kind that actually need telling to stop washing dirty swimpants out in a public pool, aren't going to stop because of an advertising campaign. Ban the filthy buggers!"

LC King wrote in to the QT saying there was another issue.

"Not only is hygiene a huge issue at the Orion lagoon, but also almost more noticeably, the very poor supervision from parents," LC King wrote.

"It is rather alarming to watch a 7 year old child just barely making it through the deepest parts of the water whilst pushing her younger a floatation device.

"Other than this incident, there have been many times that family of mine have been there to witness life guards having to run in to save children who's parents are sitting on the grass outside the pool paying no attention whatsoever. Perhaps this is an issue that should be apart of the Ipswich City Council's advertisement campaign."

Another reader wrote in to say they had seen workers clean children's faeces out of the pool.

"My friends and myself find ourselves going to the Springfield lagoon at least once a week but within the last few weeks of the school holidays we went on average of three times a week and we have never had any problems," they wrote.

"But there has been one the last few weeks were the workers had to section off a part of the water and lifeguards actually got into the water to clean out children's faeces and they also put chlorine in that section of the water but other than that one incident we have never had a problem and still plan on going back."