Every drop counts: residents urged to limit their water use

IPSWICH residents are urged to limit their water consumption after dam levels across the region dropped below 60 per cent.

The combined dam level for the southeast region was 57.2 per cent at 9am yesterday.

It has decreased by more than 0.3 per cent since the start of the month.

Seqwater is now in the "drought response" phase of the region's Drought Response Plan, which includes an increase of production at the Gold Coast Desalination Plant, maximising operation of the water grid and asking residents to make efforts to save water.

Residents were asked to limit their consumption to 150 litres a day.

Seawater suggested taking shorter showers, avoiding pre-rinsing dishes for the dishwasher and only using the washing machine with a full load.

Despite some showers in recent weeks, Wivenhoe Dam sat at 45.1 per cent yesterday, with Somerset Dam at 65.3 per cent and North Pine at 58.4 per cent.

If the combined dam levels drop below 50 per cent, residents will be asked to limit their consumption to 140 litres a day.

The Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme will take as long as two years to remobilise and needs to be fully operational if combined dam levels drop to 40 per cent. Further restrictions will apply if levels continue to drop.

The region's other dams could be connected to the grid if necessary.

Seqwater said while Lake Manchester was predominantly used as a recreational resource, it could be used for drinking water in an emergency, along with Enoggera Dam and Sideling Creek Dam.

There is zero chance of rain in the region for the rest of the week, with temperatures topping 40C by the weekend.