Errant driver clocks up 30th disqualified driving offence

ERRANT driver Kelvin Roma won't be awarded a gold medal for his 30th disqualified driving offence.

This time the repeat offender appeared before an Ipswich court after being busted illegally driving on New Year's Day.

In jail for other matters, Kelvin Terry Roma, 33, from North Ipswich, pleaded guilty via video-link in Ipswich Magistrates Court to driving when disqualified by a court order on January 1, 2018; and driving without due care and attention.

Prosecutor Sergeant Matt Donnelly said it was noon on January 1 last year when a police patrol on the Warrego Highway saw a red Daewoo driving at speed.

Its registration plates did not match the Daewoo and instead were issued for a Toyota Lexcen. The plates had not been registered since 2017.

Sgt Donnelly said the red Daewoo was travelling well in excess of the 100km/h speed limit and was tailgating other vehicles.

Police activated sirens and flashing lights and the Daewoo driver then took the Dinmore exit but suddenly swerved right and over a concrete island barrier before bouncing back into the left lane.

Sgt Donnelly said this caused motorbike riders to take evasive action.

After stopping, Roma told police he was not trying to avoid them, saying "that was how he always drove".

Roma told police he was driving to see a relative in hospital but it was not an emergency.

Magistrate David Shepherd said Roma had 29 previous convictions for disqualified driving.

Defence lawyer Jason Voight said Roma had spent 163 days in jail and although this was for other charges he sought that it be taken into account.

Mr Shepherd said Roma's prior driving when disqualified offences were committed between 2003 and 2014, and had been met with jail terms.

It was clear Roma held no regard for authority, court or legislation, and simply continued doing what he felt like.

Roma was sentenced to one month's jail and his licence was disqualified six months for driving without due care; and sentenced to 12 months' jail for driving when disqualified. Given parole release on May 14, his licence was disqualified for five years.