UPDATE: Toowoomba golden girl Alyssa Azar has touched down at Wellcamp Airport this morning.

The youngest Australian to climb Mt Everest said: "It's good to be home."

"It's still a little bit surreal and will take time to sink in.

"It was a tough year but there were a lot of positives on the mountain.

Alyssa Azar and her father Glenn Azar.

"It was a good season for a lot of us (climbers) but there was also tragedy.

"It pushed me but I felt surprisingly strong especially in the last few days of climbing, being that close to my goal but it was definitely as hard as I expected"

"(I've got) mixed emotions, I was relieved but still had to get down and there were still risks.

Alyssa Azar on Mt Everest.

"I had 20 minutes on the summit, I took some photos and that, but before I left had a moment to myself to be on top of the world."

"I thought of home whenever things got tough and took with me a photo of my little brother."

She was joined by her father Glenn, Toowoomba Mayor Paul Antonio, councillors and St Ursula's College students, who greeted her with cheers and flowers.

"Alyssa, Alyssa, Alyssa," they chanted.

Alyssa Azar receives flowers from Toowoomba region Mayor Paul Antonio. Photo Contributed
Alyssa Azar receives flowers from Toowoomba region Mayor Paul Antonio. Photo Contributed Contributed

EARLIER: The red carpet has been laid out and mountaineer Alyssa Azar is in the chopper.

The teenager, who climbed Mt Everest in May, is on her way to a civic reception at Wellcamp Airport.

A throng of well-wishers and media are awaiting her arrival.

On the eve of her return, Ms Azar has revealed her love of nature and weighed in on if she "conquered" the mountain.

"Alyssa would personally never use the word conquer," a spokesman said.

"She respects the mountains and nature far too much for that."

The 19-year-old became the youngest Australian to climb the mountain when she reached the summit.

Her last two attempts were dashed by first an avalanche then an earthquake.

She dreamed of climbing the mountain since she was a child and trained on Table Top Mtn.