Will Jacks went absolutely bonkers.
Will Jacks went absolutely bonkers.

English cricketer blasts century off just 25 balls

Presenting Will Jacks, ladies and gentlemen, king of the understatement.

"It all happened quite quickly," he said after a feat which, until now, cricket fans thought was only possible in video games or against much younger siblings in the backyard.

The English star, playing for county side Surrey in a T10 clash against Lancashire in Dubai, didn't just belt the opposition bowlers - he made them wish they'd never discovered cricket in the first place.

And while plenty of amateur cricketers can probably lay claim to having their souls crushed on the occasional Saturday afternoon, it's unlikely they've ever experienced anything like the assault Jacks launched in the UAE.

The 20-year-old put on the show of a lifetime, slapping a remarkable century off just 25 balls - the fastest ever ton in a professional match, five balls quicker than West Indian star Chris Gayle's 30-ball blitz in the 2013 IPL.

The only asterisk is Jacks' innings won't go down in any record books because technically the pre-season hitout wasn't recognised as an official match, according to ESPNCricinfo. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

The young gun finished on 105 from 30 balls as he cracked eight fours and a whopping 11 sixes to lead Surrey to a casual 3/176 from its 10 overs - a total Lancashire never looked like challenging as it managed just 9/81 in reply.

The most severe damage was reserved for poor old Stephen Parry, who's played two ODIs and five T20s for England.

Jacks was simply unstoppable.
Jacks was simply unstoppable.

Jacks took 37 off one over from the left-arm orthodox spinner, who conceded a wide and was thrashed for six sixes as he put his throat at risk of sunburn.

"After the fourth six I was thinking, 'I've got a real chance here' and when the fifth one just snuck over I gave it everything on the last one and that just snuck over too," Jacks said of his sensational takedown.

The top order batsman smoked balls down the ground, cleared his front leg and slapped over cover, swatted good length balls over the mid-wicket fence, slog swept - and in general swung as hard as possible at everything that came his way.

He didn't really have any other option in a 10-over innings but never have we seen someone pull that plan off with such devastating effect. Jacks' rampage was so rapid he said the thought of reaching triple figures didn't even enter his mind until he was just a couple of runs shy.

"People were just chatting that 120-130 was an average score so I just wanted to try and have fun, really," Jacks said. "That was it.

"I didn't think about the hundred until I was on 98 - it all happened quite quickly. Once I got to 98 I thought, 'I'll just knock it around for these last two and start again'."


Unfortunately, it wasn't just the bowlers' figures that copped a hammering in Dubai. Lancashire tweaker Matt Parkinson went to hospital after former England opener Mark Stoneman hit a ball back into his face.

Parkinson couldn't react quick enough to get out of the way and the six-stitcher crashed into his jaw, resulting in this not-so-pretty photo opportunity.