CAREER SHIFT: Reverend Bronwyn Pagram is the new priest in charge of the Anglican Parish of Goodna.
CAREER SHIFT: Reverend Bronwyn Pagram is the new priest in charge of the Anglican Parish of Goodna. Rob Williams

Engineer of 25 years finds new place in the church

AS she prepares to take the next step in a completely new direction, Reverend Bronwyn Pagram recites a passage from the book of Ecclesiastes which states 'there is a time for everything'.

She worked as an environmental engineer across the globe for close to 25 years but believed she needed to head down a different path.

Reverend Pagram will start as the priest in charge of the Anglican Parish of Goodna next week, leading the congregations at St Luke's and St Alban's churches.

"I'm never going to lose my interest in science and in technology and how you can engage technology to make life better for the community as a whole," she said.

"I'm a great believer in the common good and finding the best outcome for communities.

"We all live together... individually we can do certain things but it's communities where we really make a difference to each other's lives."

It will be her first parish appointment and she will move on from her role as an assistant curate at St John's Cathedral in Brisbane.

She was ordained as a priest last year but first started preparing for licensed church ministry in 2005 in the United Kingdom and became a lay minister in the Church of England.

Reverend Pagram spent much of career working in the oil industry and spent time based in five different countries, with stints in places across the world before leaving in 2012.

"There is an inner voice that if you listen quietly to, at times you get a sense of direction and I've been sensing that for many, many years," she said.

She said there was much she had learnt working in different countries and cultures, some much worse off than Australia, that would translate well into her new role.

"One of things I am a big believer in is dialogue, engendering conversation in communities so they can express what their own needs are," she said.

"I want to actually work with the local community to identify what their interested in, what their concerns are and what they've got the passion to be involved in themselves.

"Not just coming in with a plan of my own."