SAD DAY FOR MOVIE FANS: The doors have closed for the last time.
SAD DAY FOR MOVIE FANS: The doors have closed for the last time. Cordell Richardson

ENDGAME: Long running Ipswich CBD business bows out

AFTER more than 50 years of having a cinema in the Ipswich CBD, the final movie will screen tonight at 7.45 at BCC Ipswich City Cinemas, aptly called Endgame.

The popular cinema farewelled moviegoers and closed the doors on a complex that has hosted its fair share of laughs, tears, popcorn, action, first dates, thrills, chills and date nights.


Joan McNamara from Brassall
"I always came to the seniors screenings. The staff were always lovely to seniors, they'd put on a morning tea, and it was always a nice feeling. I probably won't go to the movies as much from now. It was a bittersweet feeling walking out the doors today.” Joan McNamara from Brassall Darren Hallesy

In what has been a boom time for movie studios over the past few years, nationwide it remains the most popular form of entertainment outside the home for Aussies, and it is clear that Ipswich moviegoers will miss the complex.

Fortunately, all of the staff have been given employment opportunities within the company, including Springfield.


Marvel fans Shane and Eythen Hoffman from Flinders View
"We've just been to see Avengers Endgame for the fourth time. It's upsetting it's closing, I've been coming here a lot, about 13 years. The staff were always good, and I've seen so many movies here over the years, I'm going to miss it.” Shane and Eythen Hoffman from Flinders View Darren Hallesy

A BCC spokesperson told The Queensland Times that while it was a sad day for Ipswich, the company still had a considerable investment in the city.

"Due to the declining retail environment in the CBD, coupled with the impending mall refurbishment and the huge disruption this will cause during the two-year construction phase, we have chosen not to renew our lease," the spokesperson said.


Carol and Barry Bush from Brassall
"We're devastated about it closing, its like seeing family coming here, we've made so many friends over the years. We really hope that it will reopen, as we've been coming here for a decade.” Carol and Barry Bush from Brassall Darren Hallesy

"We are committed to reinvesting in our other venues in the region - including Event Cinemas Springfield which opened in 2016, and will continue to bring customers the latest blockbusters and movies from around the globe, along with festivals and special events from the worlds of music, theatre, arts, sport and e-sport.

"Our promise to provide exceptional movie experiences in the region is stronger than ever and we truly appreciate the community's ongoing loyalty and support."


Helen Mutton from Brassall
"I'm very sad about it, I'm here because I was aware this was the last day. I don't think the council has done the right thing by the tenants in this building, also the Chinese shop downstairs, they were all long-term tenants.” Helen Mutton from Brassall Darren Hallesy

Ipswich has never had more cinemas screens than it does right now, with standard, XD, V-Max, The Lounge and Gold Class cinemas across three locations.


Jessica and Julie Downing from Rosewood
"It was always one of the cheaper, more affordable cinemas in the area and closest to us from Rosewood. "It was just so convenient.” Jessica and Julie Downing from Rosewood Photos: Darren Hallesy Darren Hallesy