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Emma Watson: 'Women should pick up the bill after dinner'

EMMA Watson has described the inability of some men to let women pay for their meals out as "awkward" and said that women shouldn't feel uncomfortable about paying for dinner.

Speaking more broadly about feminism on International Women's Day, Watson described a date she went on in which the man grew "tetchy" after she insisted on paying.

"I actually took a man out for dinner," Watson said, "and I chose the restaurant, and I offered to pay, and it was really awkward and uncomfortable - I'm just going to say that."

"It was not going down well. I'm sure he would say he was a feminist but he was just like: 'Oh, this is a bit... I'm not really sure about this'. It's making him feel a bit tetchy."

However, the UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador said that the pair discussed what happened and he understood that her getting out her credit card didn't undermine him. "But the cool thing was that we were both willing to have the conversation about why it was awkward, or why it was uncomfortable."

She explained it to her date as follows: "I chose the restaurant because it's my favourite restaurant, and I would love to pay, but next time, you choose the place and you pay, or whatever it is - you're going to split it or whatever makes you each feel comfortable."

As part of the hour-long conversation about women's rights with host Greg James, Watson said that chivalry should cut both ways, and said that if you believe in quality you are a feminist - whether or not you identify with the label.