Embers & Twine and The Soul Cauldron are magic in new shop

The Soul Cauldron, and Embers & Twine have joined forces to share a street level store at the Old Flour Mill building in Ipswich CBD.

Owners of The Soul Cauldron, Paul and Marina Knox use to run their business in the same building but were hidden downstairs away from street view.

“We were downstairs in the laneway and Embers & Twine had a separate store down there too so when the owners of the building renovated the street level shop we decided to come together and share the space,” Mr Knox said.

Paul Knox from The Soul Cauldron.
Paul Knox from The Soul Cauldron.

Embers and Twine is owned by sisters Alicia Coop and Narelle Thorburn.

“This is a much larger space up here than we had downstairs,” Ms Coop said.

“By combining forces and coming up to street level we get a lot more foot traffic.

“It’s opened up a lot more interest in both businesses – The Soul Cauldron and Embers & Twine.”

Alicia Coop from Embers & Twine.
Alicia Coop from Embers & Twine.

The decision to come together and share the space was a mutual decision between the two businesses.

“It was a joint decision – I think Alicia bought it up first,” Mr Knox said.

“The space had already been renovated a year before we moved in.

“Alicia and I kind of said wouldn’t it be great if we moved up here and shared the space.”

Ms Coop was keen to move into the space as well.

“There was so much space to use and with so much space came a big price tag,” she said.

“It was such a beautiful space so when they renovated

It took 10 months altogether before both businesses ended up sharing the same space and while both businesses

The Soul Cauldron specialises in all things spiritual, wicca and mystical while Embers & Twine specialise in hand made bracelets and candles.

“Both our businesses compliment each other so it was a good fit,” Mr Knox said.