Email service to quicken Government land valuations

QUEENSLAND land valuations will be delivered faster than ever before with the launch of the government's new email service.

Each year up to 1.6 million land valuations are posted out to Queenslanders across the state.Natural Resources Minister Andrew Cripps said on Monday the move would allow landowners to get on with their business more quickly and save taxpayers' money."

Landowners who sign up for the email service will have fast, safe and secure access to their land valuation notice," he said.

"There is the potential for a huge saving to Queensland taxpayers by moving away from having to print out and mail notices to each individual landholder."

Mr Cripps said, in addition to the new email service, the department had also developed 21st century technology to provide access to more information than ever before about land valuations.

"Landowners now have year-round access to data such as the spatial representation of the annual valuation, thanks to Queensland Globe which is part of the government's open data initiative," he said.

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