HIGH MARKS: Ipswich State High School student Elliott Cutmore is likely to receive an OP1 on Saturday.
HIGH MARKS: Ipswich State High School student Elliott Cutmore is likely to receive an OP1 on Saturday. David Nielsen

Elliott hopes hard work pays off when OP arrives

ELLIOTT Cutmore is among hundreds of Ipswich Year 12 graduates eagerly awaiting their final results before they are released tomorrow.

The graduating Ipswich State High School dux hopes to secure an OP1.

"It's been hard but I've put in a lot of effort so I'm looking forward to receiving my OP score on Saturday. An OP1 or two would be a nice reward," the 17-year-old said.

Elliott graduated with straight VHAs in each of his subjects studied this year.

In physics and biology he received the highest marks possible - very high achievement level 10 or VHA10 - for a student in Queensland.

Ipswich High science head of department Grant Darnell described Elliott's efforts as impressive, taking the school's performance into the upper echelon in the state.

"It was the first VHA10 I've awarded in my teaching career," Dr Darnell said.

"Elliott not only met but exceeded the high standards that were set by the board."

The teenager will be one of 50,000 Queensland graduates to access their results online from 9am on Saturday.

Elliott hopes to further his strengths in science and has applied to study a dual degree in engineering and science at the University of Queensland where he'd like to specialise in biotechnology.

But first he is taking a well-earned six-month break.

His proud parents, who are both university academics, said Elliott deserved success after putting in up to six hours a night of study after school.

"We're very proud of him. He's put in as many hours as a first-year university student," mum Madeleine Brabant said.

"He's shown such dedication and has become an adult along the way."

Students can access their results online from 9am on Saturday with their 'learner unique identifier' and password to log into their personal learning account on the QSA's Student Connect website studentconnect.qsa.qld.edu.au.

Senior education profiles containing students' final results will start arriving in the post from Monday.


  • 731 students in Queensland will receive an OP1 - seven more than last year.
  • 21,074 students will receive Overall Positions (OPs) of between one and 15 - 250 fewer than last year.
  • A record 87% of students were awarded a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).