Voters arrive to vote at the pre-polling booth at the Humantiies Centre in Ipswich on Monday.
Voters arrive to vote at the pre-polling booth at the Humantiies Centre in Ipswich on Monday. Rob Williams

Election a fizzer in Ipswich as Labor MPs lead campaign

A SMATTERING of election posters across Ipswich is the only sign a party other than Labor is standing for Blair in the federal election.

While election fever has gripped in many of the nation's marginal seats, the contest between Labor and the LNP has fizzled in Ipswich.

Only a handful of campaign posters have been erected across the seat of Blair; with the majority for Labor's Shayne Neumann.

The Coalition has been a notable absence the Labor-held seat.

Its candidate for Blair Robert Shearman is understood to have visited the region several times, but the party has drafted volunteers from Brisbane to help staff pre-poll booths.

Mr Shearman could not be reached for comment.

In Oxley, Liberal candidate Russell Bauer is taking on Labor's Milton Dick.

"We're getting really good responses on our side," Mr Bauer said.

"I'm getting out there in the community; from our side we're good.

"A lot of people are upset with Labor's retiree tax."

Mr Bauer said a few corflutes were being installed at "strategic positions".

The first-time candidate said he was focusing on doorknocking and talking to people.

"I'm out there every day fighting for the community," he said.

"I'm going to continue to fight hard for people of Oxley."

Back in Blair, United Australia Party candidate Majella Zimpal, through party leader Clive Palmer, has been advertising heavily.

Ms Zimpal has been at pre-poll every day and believes Labor is leading, with about 40 per cent of people taking their how-to-vote cards.

She said people had contacted her asking to be a part of the United Australia Party campaign.

Ms Zimpal has about 12 volunteers, a small number to cover three pre-poll booths.

She said about 54 corflutes had been printed and distributed, some of which had been taken.

The candidate said it was tough to tell what candidate would challenge Mr Neumann and Labor.

She said people were becoming more open to Mr Palmer.

"I would think some people were closed minded at the start, in regards to Clive," she said

"Now they're looking at the policies and they're more willing to have a conversation."

Ms Zimpal expects the shift in view about Mr Palmer to boost her campaign in Blair.

"They're more willing to hear what I've got to say," she said.

"Previously they'd say oh, Clive Palmer, no thanks."

Ms Zimpal admitted she was looking for more volunteers and said the party had a plan to ramp-up its advertising before election day.

"There was a plan to put things in every mailbox," she said.